Minnesota Bans Pledge of Allegiance for Illegals, Crowd Chants ‘USA’ in Protest

Minnesota Bans Pledge of Allegiance for Illegals, Crowd Chants ‘USA’ in Protest

St. Louis Park city council announced its decision after a unanimous vote,

A 100 angry protesters expressed their frustrations on Monday night after a decision was made by the Minnesota city council to ban the Pledge of Allegiance to respect the city’s ‘diverse community.’

The protest group reportedly stormed the council chambers and waved American flags while shouting “U.S.A.!,” according to Fox News.

St. Louis Park city council announced its decision after a unanimous vote, stating it was banning the pledge in consideration of the city’s “diverse community.”

St. Louis Park is situated in Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar‘s congressional district.

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“We concluded that in order to create a more welcoming environment to a diverse community we’re going to forgo saying the Pledge of Allegiance before every meeting,” Councillor Tim Brausen said.

Councilmember Anne Mavity also sponsored the ban.

Mavity told NBC affiliate KARE 11 that she doesn’t believe the pledge is relevant, especially for illegal immigrants.

“Not everyone who does business with the city or has a conversation is a citizen,” she told the station.

“They certainly don’t need to come into city council chambers and pledge their allegiance to our country in order to tell us what their input is about a sidewalk in front of their home.”

But St. Louis Park Mayor Jake Spano is wavering on the banning of the Pledge of Allegiance, saying that not enough time and deliberation was spent on the decision to stop reciting the pledge.

Mavity implied things could warrant further discussion.

Minnesota Republican Chairwoman Jennifer Carnahan said she was at the Monday night meeting, where she said she heard councilors making “disturbing” remarks, according to “Fox & Friends First.”

“One of the gentlemen, Tim Brausen, said evidently Minnesotans are upset because we are playing with their hallowed traditions. So it was just this air of superiority and very disturbing all around,” she told Fox.

A Minnesota city council said its members feel that patriotism is offensive and has been weaponized.

City officials claim the “controversial” pledge will cause offense to the “increasingly diverse community” who view patriotic acts as “not welcoming.”

During a June 17 meeting, the St. Louis Park City Council voted 5 to 0 to nix reciting the pledge at its meetings.

According to The Blaze, Brausen also said that the pledge was contentious dating back to even the 1980s, and voiced his hopes that the move to drop the pledge wouldn’t be too “controversial.”

“Our community tends to be a very welcoming and increasingly diverse community, and we believe our citizens will understand,” he reasoned.

“I don’t think we’re going to be any less welcoming by not starting our meeting out with the standard ritual.”

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