Missing Flight MH370 Brought Down By Stowaway, Reveals Expert

Missing Flight MH370 Brought Down By Stowaway, Reveals Expert

Investigator reveals how someone snuck onto plane to sabotage doomed flight

One of the leading investigators into the disappearance of missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 has uncovered evidence that someone snuck onto the Boeing 777 to sabotage the plane.

According to aviation expert Philip Baum, the saboteur gained access to the airplane through a hatch underneath the floor behind the flight deck whilst it was on the runway prior to take off.

Baum says that he presented his findings to officials who attempted to bury his evidence.

The doomed airliner vanished without a trace after it took off from Kuala Lumpur in March 2014 while en route to Beijing with 238 passengers on board, including six Australians.

“I think a stowaway is a strong possibility, especially as no officials seem to want to even contemplate the possibility,” Mr. Baum told The Independent.

He believes they hid underneath the floor or behind the flight deck in a “hinged, self-closing access panel.”

Daily Mail reports: Aviation Security International has reported as many as 123 stowaway attempts have been reported worldwide on 107 flights.

Many them hid in the wheel wells, while others tried to disguise themselves as cleaners or officials.

The new theory comes after a 400-page Malaysian report into the disappearance of the doomed jet was rubbished by French investigators, who described it as “imprecise and ambiguous.”

Four years of investigations have found no firm evidence as to what happened to the Malaysia Airlines plane, despite the largest ever search of its kind across 46,000 square miles of the Indian Ocean.

French police will open an investigation into missing flight after Malaysia’s final report failed to explain the mystery amid claims of a cover-up.

The Gendarmerie of Air Transport wants to examine data from satellite operator Inmarsat which tracked the plane before it went missing in March 2014.

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