Mob Attacks Elderly Trump Supporter, Assaults and Pushes Him to the Ground

Mob Attacks Elderly Trump Supporter, Assaults and Pushes Him to the Ground

Liberal anti-Trump protesters attack MAGA hat wearing pensioner in London

A video of protesters assaulting an elderly Trump supporter wearing a MAGA hat before pushing him to the ground has surfaced following the anti-Trump demonstration in London.

The liberal mob in Parliament Square surrounded the man before violently pushing him to the ground yelling Donald Trump not welcome here.’

The incident occurred at the poorly attended anti-Trump demonstration headed by left-wing opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn, where 250,000 people were expected to show up, but only 75,000 turned up.

The video comes after another Trump supporter was attacked with a milkshake as protesters screamed ‘Nazi scum. ‘

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In the new video, the pensioner can be heard screaming ‘get off’ while the other men grab his jacket and pull him.

The mob pushes him to the floor, as others watched in outrage.

Other attendees can be heard shouting ‘Woah Woah Woah’ to stop the mob from continuing their assault.

One member told the mob: ‘When you act like that, you act like Donald Trump, so don’t.’

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Left-wing Corbyn delivered a speech echoing Sadiq Khan‘s recent criticisms of Donald Trump, accusing the President of ‘creating a sense of hate,’ but ironically stirring up more hate with Anti trump mobs. 

Sadiq Khan said he “can’t be silent when the president of the free world is defending neo-nazis and white supremacists.”

Khan has was slammed for shaming the United Kingdom and accused of creating a “firestorm of hatred” with his anti-Trump rhetoric during the president’s official state visit.

British political commentator Piers Morgan slammed the liberal mayor as a “little pipsqueak” who “can’t even protect our kids from being stabbed to death” in the capital city.

The anti-Trump protesters left London’s streets covered in litter on Tuesday attending a demonstration on Climate Change and the environment.

Images from around Trafalgar Square and Parliament, where the protests took place, show discarded banners and plaques which have been dumped on the floor on the floor by “activists.

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