MSNBC Primetime Host Rachel Maddow’s Ratings Plunge To Yearly Low

MSNBC Primetime Host Rachel Maddow’s Ratings Plunge To Yearly Low

Maddow’s show saw 2,324,000 viewers on average last week

2019 has not been a good year for MSNBC primetime host Rachel Maddow who saw her weekly ratings plummet last week, according to reports.

Maddow’s show saw 2,324,000 viewers on average last week, with an average audience of 337,000 falling within the 25-54 age demographic.

According to Nielsen Media Research, the figures mark yearly lows for the liberal host.

MSNBC enjoyed high ratings before the conclusion of Robert Mueller’s Russia probe as their subject matter centered around speculation of presdient Donald Trump‘s downfall.

But after Trump was cleared of any wrongdoing and impeachment proceedings became Democrat pipe dream, the left-leaning networks have seemingly lost viewer confidence.

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The network averaged 2,458,000 viewers with 392,000 in the week Mueller submitted his conclusion to Attorney General Barr.

According to a report from The Daily Beast in March: “[Rachel] Maddow, who has consistently vied for the first or second top-rated cable news program, was sixth on Monday evening, down almost 500,000 total viewers from the previous Monday, as was MSNBC’s second top-rated program in primetime, ‘The Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell.’” 

Maddow spent the last two years obsessing over every little detail of the special counsel’s investigation into whether President Donald Trump conspired with the Russians to win the 2016 presidential election.

The very night Mueller concluded that Trump had not colluded with the Russians, Maddow appeared to hold back tears.

The question is, was Maddow holding back tears because she knew her ratings were about to take a nose dive?

On the other end of the spectrum, Fox News’ Sean Hannity enjoyed massive success with 3,108,000 viewers with just under half-a-million viewers in the key demographic.

Meanwhile, partisan news outlet CNN was reported to be axing over 100 jobs as they continue to struggle with plummeting viewing figures.

CNN reporter Brian Stelter confirmed that “about 100 people opted for” – what he called – “voluntary buyouts throughout the organization” in a bid to quash swirling rumors of involuntary job cuts, claiming there are “no layoffs.”

The rumors suggest that CNN is planning to cut up to 300 jobs, however, with “many being older employees with years at the network,” according to a report from PJ Media

The outlet’s prime-time ratings also took a nosedive of 26% in April, which was the worst month for total viewers since October 2015, according to Media Research.

The news network sustained a 41% slide in viewers aged 25 to 54 – which is the most sought after demographic for advertisers.

Furthermore, not even one of its prime-time shows finished in the top five for news.

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