Nancy Pelosi Complains About Trump Ad; Facebook Bans It

Nancy Pelosi Complains About Trump Ad; Facebook Bans It

House Speaker objected to the ad claiming it violated the platform’s policies

A pro-Trump ad has been banned by social media giant Facebook after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi complained it was misleading.

The Trump re-election campaign ad told Facebook users:

“President Trump needs you to take the Official 2020 Congressional District Census today.”

After clicking on the ad, it would then take the user to a website survey to gather their opinions and information.

But Pelosi on Thursday objected to the ad claiming it violated the platform’s policies.

“A lie that is consistent with the misrepresentation policy of Facebook,” Pelosi said.

“But now they’re messing with who we are as Americans,” she added.

“I know the profit motive is their business model, but it should not come at the cost of counting who is in our country.”

After the House speaker’s complaint, Facebook pulled the ad before explaining in a statement it didn’t meet their advertisement standards.

Facebook‘s statement read:

“There are policies in place to prevent confusion around the official U.S. Census, and this is an example of those being enforced.”

Additionally, Democrats complained about a mailer from the Republican National Committee, claiming it bore too much of a resemblance to an official census request.

The RNC denied malfeasance but added they would change their mailer.

The RNC statement read:

“This is a standard direct mail piece that has been utilized for decades.

“These mailers are fully compliant with the law, clearly marked as a fundraising solicitation from the Republican National Committee, and in no way resemble the official government census.”


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Census Bureau officials have been heavy misinformation they claim ‘confuses’ people on alleged imitation websites posing as the official census site.

According to ABC: The bureau has spent the last year forging relationships with the major tech platforms — Facebook, Twitter, and Google — to put out accurate information about how the census works and yank misinformation about the form from their sites.

Former Census Bureau director John Thompson, who served in the Obama administration, said:

“I don’t know that they would want to have confusion,” referring to the Trump administration.

“It could have a reverse impact on the Trump administration, (it) could create an under-representation of their constituents in the census.”

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