New Migrant Caravan Travels Towards US Border from Honduras

New Migrant Caravan Travels Towards US Border from Honduras

The migrant caravan left the northern city of San Pedro Sula towards US

At least 500 migrants have begun traveling from Central America to the United States border from Honduras, according to reports.

The migrant caravan left the northern city of San Pedro Sula earlier than expected.

The group included some mothers carrying their young children on their shoulders, embarking on a perilous journey that President Donald Trump repeatedly warned them not to take.

It is still unclear where the group will rest, but past migrants have used the Honduran city of Quimistan as a checkpoint.

Many migrants pleaded with local store owners to give them food or water, the Associated Press reported.

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According to FoxNews: One woman, who chose to remain anonymous due to safety concerns, said her 9-year-old daughter had already been raped so badly she suffered medical problems.

She said she would request U.S. authorities for asylum or refugee status, “because it’s not possible to live in Honduras anymore.”

Trump said, “we’re trying to break it up,” when asked about the new caravan, according to The New York Times.

He said a “drone isn’t going to stop it and a sensor isn’t going to stop it, but you know what’s going to stop it in its tracks? A nice, powerful wall.”

In Trump’s bid for the southern border wall, a new poll has revealed that the silent majority of Americans backs him.

Following a joint ABC News / Washington Post poll, more people support the President’s wall, something he has promised since even before his presidency.

Thirty-four percent of American citizens said they supported the U.S.-Mexico border wall a year ago.

But that number stands at 42 percent, the highest yet marked by similar polls.

Last year, Trump warned Mexican migrants they would not gain entry to the United States.

Trump told the Mexican government to send the Central American migrants back to their countries of origin.

“Mexico should move the flag-waving Migrants, many of whom are stone cold criminals, back to their countries,” Trump wrote on Twitter.

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