Nikki Haley Slams Chinese Government: ‘It’s Straight Out of George Orwell’

Nikki Haley Slams Chinese Government: ‘It’s Straight Out of George Orwell’

The former South Carolina governor heavily criticised Beijing’s crackdown on minorities

U.S. Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, has compared the Chinese Government as being ‘straight out of George Orwell’ accusing the country of persecuting religious and ethnic minorities on a ‘massive scale.’

This is Haley’s first public appearance since her resignation announcement which came not long after Brett Kavanagh confirmation as the Supreme, Court Judge.

The former South Carolina governor heavily criticized Beijing’s crackdown on Uighur and other Muslim minorities describing it as being “straight out of George Orwell.”

“It is the largest internment of civilians in the world today,” Haley said in keynote remarks at the Chiefs of Defense Conference Dinner in Washington. “It may be the largest since World War II.”

“At least a million Uighurs and other Muslim minorities have been imprisoned in so-called ‘re-education camps’ in western China,” Haley said, noting that detainees are “tortured … forced to renounce their religion and to pledge allegiance to the Communist Party.”

According to Fox: Haley announced last week that she intended to resign her post as envoy to the U.N. at the end of this year.

Her announcement shocked many observers, who regarded her as one of the Trump administration’s most active members.

Her Monday remarks followed recent tough talk from President Trump and his top aides about China.

Beijing recently dropped a planned visit by Defense Secretary Jim Mattis amid rising tensions over trade and defense issues.

China has described current U.S. B-52 bomber flights and warship patrols near contested man-made islands in the South China Sea as “provocative.”

China recently denied a request for a Hong Kong port visit by an American warship, and last summer Mattis disinvited China from a vital maritime exercise in the Pacific.

In response, China scrapped a scheduled Pentagon appointment by its navy chief last month.

Meanwhile, the Trump administration has slapped new sanctions on more than $200 billion in Chinese goods and intends to send hundreds of millions of dollars in military aid to Taiwan.

Over the weekend Chinese Ambassador to the U.S. Cui Tiankai told “Fox News Sunday” that the planned $330 million arms sale to Taiwan was “a very good example of American intervention into Chinese internal affairs.”

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