Nunes: The ‘Deep State’ Is ‘Much Worse Than Even I Thought It Ever Was’

Nunes: The ‘Deep State’ Is ‘Much Worse Than Even I Thought It Ever Was’

Republican raises awareness on efforts to undermine Trump’s presidency

Republican Devin Nunes weighed in on efforts to raise awareness of the ‘deep state‘ within the federal government that is believed to be working to undermine President Donald Trump

Speaking with Fox News host Sean Hannity on Wednesday, Nunes said:

“One thing that I tell the American people every time that I speak and I go out on the road and I talk to people is that, remember, the deep state here is much worse than even I thought it ever was.”

Nunes was being interviewed along with Rep. Jim Jordan, an Ohio Republican, on efforts to renew and reform parts of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

Since the President’s impeachment and acquittal, Trump’s renewed distrust of certain people inside the White House and the federal government has become intensified.

Trump is working to remove “snakes” within the White House that he wants to be fired and replaced.

And steps are already being taken to weed them out.

A network of conservative activists led by Ginni Thomas is also compiling detailed memos of disloyal government officials who are in line to be fired, while finding Trump loyalists to replace them, according to Axios.

Nunes, who contributed to drawing attention to alleged government surveillance abuses against Trump’s 2016 campaign and leakers, also weighed in on the 2020 election while promoting a website, Combat USA, to combat “the radical left, fake news media, and deep state.”

“People have to remember that this is one yard in a cloud of dust,” Nunes stated.

“You have to wake up every day to fight, because the socialist Left, they work hard to take over the Democratic Party,” he added.

“They work hard to get Bernie Sanders in the lead,” Nunes said.

“They’re not going away.”

Earlier this month, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) warned deep state actors behind the false “Russia collusion” hoax against Trump, that they “are gonna go to jail.”

Graham assured Judge Jeanine Pirro, the traitors behind the attempted coup of the Trump presidency would not go unpunished.

The South Carolina Senator also fired a warning shot at former President Barack Obama.

Graham revealed he is calling former FBI leaders as witnesses to testify before Senate committees regarding FISA abuses.

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