NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Blames New York Post for Disastrous 2020 Bid Launch

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Blames New York Post for Disastrous 2020 Bid Launch

Bill de Blasio complains NY newspaper is ‘attacking’ his presidential hopes

NYC mayor, and now-2020 hopeful, Bill de Blasio has blamed the New York Post for his disastrous presidential bid launch this week, claiming the newspaper is “attacking” him.

Against the counsel of many of his trusted advisers, de Blasio became the 23rd Democrat to enter the presidential race on Thursday.

After launching his bid against a backdrop of radical progressive ideas, such as Green New Deal, de Blasio was met with widespread criticism for his ambitions due to his failings as New York City mayor.

Among some of his more vocal critics were President Donald Trump and his two sons, Eric and Don Jr., who all publically blasted the mayor over his 2020 announcement.

During an appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Friday, the Democratic hopeful was immediately grilled about the barrage of negative media coverage surrounding his longshot presidential bid.

“Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post has been attacking me and ‘Con Don’ himself, Donald Trump, not only tweeted me, he created his own video,” de Blasio complained from the campaign trail in Iowa.

“I’m very impressed,” he added.

According to the New York Post, he was responding to co-host Joe Scarborough, who held up Friday’s New York Post bearing the headline “Everyone hates Bill!” and pointing out, “Everybody has been mocking you.”

De Blasio continued ranting about Trump, boasting, “I’m a New Yorker, I know how to deal with a bully.” 

He described the video the president tweeted bashing him Thursday night was “music to my ears.”

“You saw the video?” de Blasio said.

“I’m already under his skin and you need a candidate to take him on, who knows his tricks and knows how to deal with him.”

Scarborough interjected, “By the way, that plane that the president is flying in, do you know what Mayor de Blasio calls it? Con Air.”

“Con Air!” de Blasio chuckled.

“You beat me to it. You beat me to it.”

Meanwhile, co-host Willie Geist pointedly asked the termed-out mayor about his specific plans to redistribute wealth in the country — but was met with a vague response.

“Willie, it’s been for too many years a government of and by and for the 1%,” de Blasio said.

“Let’s be clear, going all the way back to the beginning with Ronald Reagan and it’s been an unbroken chain up until the Trump tax cuts for the wealthy and the corporations.

“More and more money and power concentrated in the hands of the very few.

“What’s happening to working Americans? What’s happening to middle-class Americans?”

When Geist pressed him again, de Blasio answered, “First, let’s repeal those tax cuts, those tax breaks that Trump gave to the wealthy and corporations.

“Let’s bring up the taxes for the wealthy to the level they should be at.”

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