NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Promises ‘Free’ Health Care for All Illegal Aliens

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Promises ‘Free’ Health Care for All Illegal Aliens

de Blasio announces plan to give plan to all residents of New York, legal or not

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio announced on Tuesday that all residents of New York City will receive “free” health care, including illegal aliens.

de Blasio plans to introduce a new program to promises to provide “free” health care to all the city’s residents, legal or otherwise.

According to a report by ABC 7, NYC Care will guarantee health care 600,000 people without health insurance in New York.

The plan is expected to ensure care to residents regardless of their ability to pay or whether their immigration status is legal.

According to Politico, the unprecedented program will cost around $100 million.

The mayor claims that the plan won’t cause raises taxes, but it’s unclear how it will be funded.

In a statement to MSNBC, a spokesperson for the mayor clarified earlier reports indicating the plan will provide health insurance instead of care.

“This is the city paying for direct comprehensive care (not just ERs) for people who can’t afford it, or can’t get comprehensive Medicaid — including 300,000 undocumented New Yorkers,” Eric Phillips, de Blasio’s press secretary, tweeted Tuesday morning.

According to Breitbart, de Blasio touted the plan in an interview with MSNBC Tuesday, noting it has “never been done in the country in a  comprehensive way,” he told host Willie Geist.

“Health care isn’t just a right, in theory, it must be a right in practice.

“And we’re doing that here in this city.”

“We’ll put the money in to make it work; it’s going to save us money down the line,” he added.

“We’re already paying an exorbitant amount to pay for health care the wrong way when what we should be doing is helping them get the primary care,” he concluded.

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