Ocasio-Cortez Calls for Lindsey Graham’s Resignation Over Trump Jr. Advice

Ocasio-Cortez Calls for Lindsey Graham’s Resignation Over Trump Jr. Advice

AOC joins Democrats calling for Republican South Carolina Senator to resign

Radical freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has joined calls from Democrats for Republican South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham to resign for giving advice to Donald Trump Jr. regarding his congressional subpoena.

Democratic socialist Ocasio-Cortez accused the GOP Senator of wanting “to work for Trump so badly” after he advised the president’s son on testifying before Congress.

“The Senate Intel Committee (which is GOP-controlled!) issued a legally binding subpoena, & Sen. @LindseyGrahamSC advised that individual to ignore it,” AOC tweeted to her fans.

“If Lindsey Graham wants to work for Trump so badly, he can resign his seat and move his office down a few blocks to do so.”

On Tuesday, Don Jr. reached an agreement to appear once again before the Senate Intelligence Committee following the controversial subpoena compelling him to testify.

The deal came together Tuesday after the GOP-led committee issued an extraordinary subpoena of the president’s eldest son – and after it was revealed Trump Jr failed to appear for two other agreed-upon dates.

Under the terms of the agreement, his testimony would be limited to two to four hours.

Questions would be confined to a handful of topics. 

Although it was not immediately clear what those topics would be, the panel had been pushing to ask questions about the infamous Trump Tower meeting with Russians and any knowledge Trump Jr had about a proposed Moscow Trump tower project during the campaign. 

According to the Daily Caller, Graham said Monday that if Trump Jr. complied with the subpoena from the Senate Intelligence Committee, he should plead the Fifth.

“You just show up and plead the Fifth and it’s over with,” Graham said, noting that his attorney would “have to be an idiot” to allow Congress another bite at him.

“This whole thing is nuts. To me, it’s over.”

Graham’s comments prompted a number of tweets calling for his resignation.

Politico reported Tuesday that Trump Jr. would testify before the committee in mid-June, with both the topics of discussion and the amount of time being limited.

Graham has made no comment regarding calls for his resignation.

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