Parents Legally Changing ‘Transgender’ Children’s Names in Record Numbers

Parents Legally Changing ‘Transgender’ Children’s Names in Record Numbers

Children changing their name by Deed poll with consent of parents

A growing number of parents are changing their ‘Transgender’ children’s names legally by Deed Poll, according to reports.

As more children claim to be transgender, the number of cases where names are legally changed has soared.

At least one under-16 is having his title changed from “Master” to “Miss” or vice versa every single say the UK Deed Poll Service discovered, according to the Sunday Times.

Parents must give consent to a change in title and name for their children.

The fee for changing names via the UK Deed Poll service is £36.

Senior Deed Poll officer Louise Bowers stated:

“We used to issue a couple of these deed polls every couple of months — but now it’s seven to 10 a week.”

“The majority are teenagers — 14 or 15 — but they go down to the age of 10.”

Ms. Bowers noted that there were more “Masters” changing to “Miss” int the past, but now the opposite seems true, matching trends reported by the Tavistock Centre Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) specialists for children presenting with gender dysphoria — in 2017-18 that girls wishing to change gender outnumbered boys two to one.

Last month Neon Nettle reported that Schools in Brighton, the UK here now required to teach children as young as eight years old that “all genders” can have periods.

The new guidelines also require the installation of sanitary waste disposal units in the children’s bathrooms.

One whistleblower teacher said that the majority of the 17 transgender pupils at her school has mental health issues or where socially awkward girls.

The whistleblower disclosed that most of the children undergoing the medical gender reassignment process are autistic, saying that vulnerable youngsters with mental health problems were falsely persuaded into believing they are the wrong sex.

According to the teacher at the school, few of the children suffer from “gender dysphoria” – the medical condition where people feel they are born in the wrong body -, yet they are still being given puberty-blocking drugs to stop them from developing naturally with their born gender.

A doctor from Wales UK, Dr. Helen Webberley, was recently found guilty of prescribing sex-change hormones to children as young as 12 and running an illegal clinic last year.

Her husband, who is also a doctor claimed he would continue his wife’s work at Gender GP.

The services of Gender GP are promoted by youth transgender pressure group Mermaids, which is working to remove the minimum age range for giving gender confused children drugs.

Mermaids were recently banned from contacting a family after advising a mother who forced her son to live as a girl.

The group was also awarded hundreds of thousands of pounds in taxpayer cash and received half a million pounds by the National Lottery’s Big Lottery Fund.

Last year Children’s Colorado hospital dropped marking gender on patients wristbands as they are no longer ‘gender inclusive.’

The decision to drop gender marking wristbands is part of an effort to support children’s “unique gender identity.”

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