Parents Outraged as School Invites Drag Queen ‘Flowjob’ to Read to 4-Year-Olds

Parents Outraged as School Invites Drag Queen ‘Flowjob’ to Read to 4-Year-Olds

Parents accused of ‘homophobia’ after complaining about drag queen act

A Scottish primary school’s decision to invite a drag queen to read to its pupils on LGBTQ history month has caused an outcry from parents after the performer’s social media posts were discovered to be riddled with sexually explicit images.

The drag queen, who goes by the stage name of “FlowJob,” was invited to Glencoats Primary in Paisley, Renfrewshire, to speak to pupils about the Section 28 Act, which has been previously repealed.

The act was previously introduced to ban the ‘promotion of homosexuality’ in schools.

Parents complained after they discovered FlowJob had images of simulating a sex act with a dildo and simulating oral sex on social media.

But Renfrewshire Council said it would never have invited the performer had it been aware of the posts.

One parent said:

“While I don’t agree with the abuse being given, my kids go to this school; there was no information fed to parents about this happening. Surely that’s a parent’s choice? I’m happy my child is learning about LGBT, but it’s overtaking the school now. Something every week,” according to the Daily Star.

“I’m not opposed to learning about LGBT, but my 7-year-old doesn’t need to know what a drag queen is and certainly not the one they had in.

“The headteacher is more concerned about furthering her career than tackling issuing that our school has.”

Another voiced concern on social media:

“Their username is ‘flowjobqueen,’ and their timeline is full of explicit images of them simulating sexual acts. Of course, they’ve just done a drag queen story reading to primary school children.”

The drag queen replied:

“Don’t bring your negativity to my profile. I am a drag queen yes who does adult jokes, but I also do under 18 Venus and cater around children.”

A third added:

“Would be good to hear a response as to why an adult entertainer called Flowjob was deemed appropriate for kids? Were the vetted prior to the event? What was the content of these lessons? As a gay man with young nieces and nephews just starting school, I am concerned.”

Renfrewshire MSP Mhairi Black, a vocal activist for LGBTQ rights, also attended the event.

Black accused parents of homophobia for complaining about their children being read to by the drag queen.

Black wrote on Twitter:

“You just know that the people pretending to be livid that a drag queen read a book in a school are also the people who run out to buy their kids the latest Grand Theft Auto on release day.”

“Your homophobia is transparent.”

Campaign group LGBT Youth Scotland wrote on Twitter:

“We’re horrified to see the abusive messages and tweets targeting Glencoats Primary School for their bold and brilliant LGBT inclusive education practices.”

“We are proud to work with their pioneering headteacher, and recognize the school as an example to others across the country.”

Renfrewshire Council spokesperson also responded to the backlash:

“The school pupils at Glencoats Primary are currently organizing a series of activities and events to mark LGBT history month. In discussion with pupils in their Rainbow Club, one of their requests was to invite people from the LGBT community to hear about their own experiences growing up and they wanted to invite a drag queen to talk to this group to hear about their own personal experience.”

“Learning about values, including equalities and diversity, has an important role in the school curriculum.”

“All school visits are arranged and managed with the wellbeing of pupils first and foremost however it is clear in this case, the social media content associated with the speaker’s stage persona is not appropriate for children and had we been aware of this, the visit would not have been arranged.”

“We are sorry for the concern this has caused and are investigating.”

FlowJob was invited to the school to mark LGBT History Month.

Glencoats headteacher Heather Watson, said, “Top of the list was to invite a drag queen into school to talk about her experiences growing up and her job.”

“Flow met with (pupils) and parent council members and Mhairi Black to discuss what it was like growing up during Section 28 when it was illegal for school staff to talk about anything LGBT.”

Flowjob wrote on Twitter today, saying:

“Hello everyone, I woke up to over 1k notifications and over 30 DM’s due to majority of it being abuse I have chosen not to go through the comments, there is to many small-minded to people to try and justify what I have done, but thank you to everyone who has supported me.”

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