Paris Jackson Hires Armed Guards as Isaac Kappy Names Elite Pedophile Ring

Paris Jackson Hires Armed Guards as Isaac Kappy Names Elite Pedophile Ring

Michael Jackson’s daughter beefs up security amid Hollywood whistleblower exposés

Since actor Isaac Kappy recently accused major Hollywood celebrities of being involved in an elite pedophile ring, Paris Jackson has hired armed guards over fears of blowback from his whistleblowing.

The blue-eyed daughter of African-American pop star Michael Jackson has also moved out of her home to “protect herself” from the child abuse whistleblower.

Isaac Kappy has been speaking out about an alleged secret Hollywood pedophile ring involving powerful figures in the entertainment industry including Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg.

Kappy also claims to have evidence that James Gunn, and Seth Green and his wife, actress Clare Grant, are a part of a child-sacrificing cult as well as being members of the Illuminati.

Videos of his confessions have since gone viral with Kappy now under investigation by the LAPD for reportedly threatening Paris Jackson and other Hollywood bigwigs at a party.

MovieWeb reports: Jackson has beefed up her security and moved out of her home for the time being to “protect herself” from Kappy, who many celebrities now claim is becoming “unhinged.”

Jackson responded to initial contact from Kappy because she believed that he was “suicidal.”

Last week, Isaac Kappy felt the need to state that he was not suicidal as his name started popping up in more news stories while also stating that he is not on opioids.

He’s been posting a lot on 4Chan, 8Chan, Reddit, and Twitter, trying to get his supposed knowledge about the Hollywood pedophile ring out and into the mainstream media.

In addition, he has been retweeting links from the whistleblower QAnon and highlighting the PizzaGate theory again.

QAnon has slowly been creeping into the fan base of President Donald Trump and they believe that he is sending them coded messages through his tweets.

For instance, Trump usually tweets about 13 angry Democrats and Robert Mueller’s investigation, but he tweeted 17 angry Democrats the other day.

Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet, therefore QAnon and Kappy believe that Trump is speaking to them and their agenda.

Isaac Kappy has tried to get support for his crusade against Hollywood pedophilia and the Illuminati, which has seen him gain over 20,000 followers on Twitter.

However, when he tried to get Corey Feldman on his side, he was promptly blocked by Feldman on the social media platform.

Feldman tweeted about Kappy, calling him a “zero” and referring to him as “Mr. Crappy,” while promising that the real truth about Hollywood is forthcoming.

Feldman has been a big advocate for child abuse survivors and many believed that he would be a part of Kappy’s crusade, but that is obviously not the case.

Reports about Isaac Kappy are false, according to him.

He believes that he is being taken down and silenced by the deep state and that the Hollywood pedophile ring will continue.

Currently, Paris Jackson has armed guards and moved away from her home, Seth Green and his wife have also filed complaints, and the LAPD is investigating after Kappy promised a bullet storm if anybody came near his house.

You can read our original report on Kappy’s original exposé here.

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