Patriotic Soldiers Could Be ‘Right-Wing Extremists,’ Army Document Claims

Patriotic Soldiers Could Be ‘Right-Wing Extremists,’ Army Document Claims

The leaflet named ‘Extreme Right Wing (XRW) Indicators & Warnings’

Soldiers who describe themselves as “patriots” or used words like “traitors” or “Islamofascism” could be a sign they are right-wing extremists, a leaked document from the British army has revealed.

The leaflet named “Extreme Right Wing (XRW) Indicators & Warnings” was sent to senior defense staff to “educate Chains of Command on the indicators and warnings of personnel who may harbor extremist views.”

The worrying list of the two-dozen thoughts and expressions in the leaflet warned receivers to “look out” for soldiers who: “Describe themselves as ‘patriots’”; “Add ‘istan’ to British place names”; “Use the term ‘Islamofascism’”; “Involve colleagues in closed social media groups”; “Refer to Political Correctness as some kind of left-wing or Communist plot”; or who “Make inaccurate generalisations about ‘the Left’ or Government”.

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The document, which was obtained by the DailyMail, was confirmed by The Ministry of Defence as genuine.

A spokesman for the MOD said:

“The values of our armed forces and the nation they serve are totally incompatible with extremist views. We have robust measures in place to ensure those exhibiting these views are not permitted to serve.

The British Army is to scrap role titles like “rifleman” and “infantryman” for the more gender-neutral “infantry soldier” and “infanteer.”

“Exhibiting one or two of these in no way suggests someone is an extremist, and the card does not indicate that all patriots are extremists.

“Through the Government’s counter-terrorism and counter-extremism strategies (PREVENT) the MOD takes a comprehensive approach to tackle all forms of extremism and terrorism.”

The document was printed after the 2017 arrest of four soldiers accused were accused of links to proscribed National Action group.

Last year, the British army came under fire following its extreme approach to investigating young soldiers who posed for a photograph with right-wing activist and citizen journalist Tommy Robinson.

The army releases a statement saying:

“Far-right ideology is completely at odds with the values and ethos of the armed forces,” before saying that any military personnel “in breach of the army’s values and standards will face administrative action.”

More recently, The Ministry of Defence launched an investigation after video soldiers shooting at a picture of Jeremy Corbyn surfaced.

According to another leak, army officers allegedly threatened administrative action on any soldier who “demonstrated negative opinions” about the army’s politically-correct recruitment videos.

The army recently launched advertisements targeted at recruiting Muslim and LGBT communities to shake off its macho image, with one ad showing soldiers stooping parol to allow a Muslim colleague to pray.

According to the briefing note, senior military figures have become “increasingly frustrated by the perceived negative impact that serving personnel is having on this campaign” and that any soldier who expressed “negative opinions” about the ads would be “dealt with under disciplinary or administrative action as appropriate.”

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