‘Pedophile’ Breaks Spine Jumping From Third-floor Apartment To Escape Police

‘Pedophile’ Breaks Spine Jumping From Third-floor Apartment To Escape Police

Immigrant from Kyrgyzstan was rushed to hospital after being paralyzed

A suspected pedophile who jumped out of a third-floor window to escape police has been left paralyzed after breaking his spine.

The 29-year-old chef was taking part in a police reconstruction of the alleged crime when he took the opportunity to flee through the window.

Police took the suspect in Moscow to an apartment where he allegedly ‘sexually abused’ an 11-year-old girl.

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As police were constructing the crime scene re-enactment with the man, they took his handcuffs off to facilitate a more detailed study what happened to the girl.

Seizing the opportunity to escape, the suspect jumped out of the third-floor window.

But when the man landed on the ground, he broke his spine, according to reports.

The suspect has been seeking to escape from police, law enforcement sources said.

The pedophile suspect, an immigrant from Kyrgyzstan, was rushed to hospital with severe spinal injuries.

He now remains under police guard as doctors assess his injuries.

According to the mother of the pedophile victim, the man ad repeatedly used ‘sexual violence’ on her 11-year-old daughter in November and December last year at the flat where the crimes reconstruction was being completed.

The suspect jumped from a third floor flat in Palekhskaya street in Moscow whilst trying to escape from police during a reconstruction.

A woman in the UK recently spoke out about the horror she felt during the moment she discovered her father was an alleged pedophile after vigilantes in an online video exposed his secret.

The daughter of Michael Duff – who is one of eight men who committed suicide in the past six years after being shamed on the internet by “pedophile hunters” – says she made the gruesome discovery after seeing a video of her dad on Facebook that showed him allegedly trying to meet with a minor for sex.

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