Pedophile Child Killer Found Dead After Being Set Free by Judge

Pedophile Child Killer Found Dead After Being Set Free by Judge

Vigilantes took law into their own hands when pedophile killer set free

pedophile who tortured and killed a child was found murdered in an apartment in Wales, UK, just weeks after he was set free by a judge.  

David Gaut, 54, was jailed for life for the murder and torture of a 17-month old Chi Ming Shek 33 years ago.

When locals discovered Gaut’s sickening past, information on his real identity began to spread throughout the town.

Gaut was found dead on Saturday in his rented home in New Tredegar, South Wales – just 11 miles from where he raped and killed the child.

Three men have now been arrested on suspicion of the Pedophile killer’s murder as rumors spread like ‘wildfire’ of his sickening past.

Gaut was ‘babysitting’ for his then-girlfriend when he battered and burned the toddler before dumping the lifeless body in a chest of drawers.

According to the DM: But it appears residents of New Tredegar delved further and found out more about his terrible past.

One of Gaut’s neighbors said:

“There have been a lot of rumors around here and some people remember the baby being killed – it was a horrible crime.

People get angry at the thought of the village being used as a dumping ground. People have been talking about paedos and killers moving in here.

Some people are certain it is the same man and there has been a lot of gossip going around like wildfire”.

One woman said:

“He has been living here for about six weeks but he’s not from here. He’s not local. He told us he’d been to prison for 33 years.”

A man at the same house said:

“He, first of all, told us he was inside for a crime but he didn’t do it.

He then said he had shot someone a long time ago but we knew that wasn’t true. Everyone knew he killed a baby and everyone was talking about it.”

Neighbors say police have been combing the area and looking inside wheelie bins while forensics officers were photographing the lawn outside his home.

Searches are also believed to have been carried out in a river behind the properties.

One man said:

“They’ve been looking everywhere. There was a burnt out car that they were looking at.

‘They’ve been in our bins and looked in the river as well.”

Another neighbor said he had spoken to David Gaut but had no idea of his crimes.

He said:

“I helped to move his TV into his house. He’s only been here a matter of weeks.

He told me that had served 33 years but said he didn’t do it. I didn’t ask questions.

I was away when it happened so I didn’t hear anything but I’m not surprised. You don’t know who is moving into this street anymore.

I didn’t have much to do with him but I spoke to him from time to time.

The police have been combing all the grass so it looks like they are looking for a murder weapon.

I’ve lived on this street for years and it used to be great. We used to have lovely street parties. It’s all changed now.”

The Ministry of Justice today confirmed that there had been a risk assessment before Gaut moved in last month.

A Prison and Probation Service spokesperson said: ‘Thorough risk assessments are carried out before deciding on accommodation for offenders released on license.

‘There is an ongoing police investigation, so it would be inappropriate to comment further.’

Toddler Chi was tortured and murdered in Caerphilly.

Gaut, then 21, was jailed for life in July 1985 after babysitting his girlfriend’s son Chi Ming Shek – known as Marky – when he battered, kicked, and burned the sole of the child’s foot.

The baby’s mother, Jane Pickthall, then 23, had been out drinking and left Gaut to look after her two young children.

She arrived home in Caerphilly, South Wales, and had sex with Gaut – but the next day she found her son’s dead body under a chest of drawers.

A murder trial at Cardiff Crown Court heard Gaut tried to make the death look accidental.

He said at the time the boy had tripped and fallen down the stairs.

But pathologist Dr. Owen Williams said the baby’s injuries could only have been caused by punching, kicking, falling, being thrown or a combination of these.

Prosecutor Aubrey Myerson QC said while the mum was out neighbors heard loud noises – including banging and crashes.

Miss Pickthall told a jury how she found Marky dead underneath a chest of drawers in his bedroom.

She could see he was badly bruised in the groin area, chest, and forehead.

Mr. Myerson said:

‘The killing did not arise from just one attack but from a series of assaults.’

Unemployed Gaut told police Marky had got out of the cot and claimed he smacked the tot’s bottom but he fell down the stairs.

He said he gave Marky mouth to mouth and put him back in the cot – because he ‘looked all right’.

The baby died of multiple injuries including a broken arm, injured liver and spleen and a fractured skull.

Neighbors spoke of their shock and some said they do not feel safe in the area while others were ‘convinced’ the victim was the same man as the convicted killer.

Residents at Long Row, New Tredegar, said that Gaut told them that he had spent time in prison ‘for a crime he didn’t do’.

Others spoke of their shock and say they do not feel safe after a series of people were moved into social housing.

One neighbor, who did not want to be named, said:

“It used to be just old age pensioners and disabled people but about two months ago they started to move in other people.

‘I don’t feel safe to stay here. I’d like to move unless they do something about it. We have a school at the end of the road – 100 yards away.”

Two men, aged 23 and 51, of New Tredegar and a man, 47, of Aberbargoed, have been arrested on suspicion of murder. They are currently in police custody for questioning.

A spokesman said:

‘The cause of death has yet to be established and will be determined following a post-mortem examination. Anyone with information should call Gwent Police.’

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