Pedophile Killed By ‘Friend’ After Boasting About Abuse of 6-Year-Old

Pedophile Killed By ‘Friend’ After Boasting About Abuse of 6-Year-Old

Christopher McMahon had throat slit and left for dead following gruesome confession

A pedophile was brutally killed by his “friend” after boasting about sexually abusing a 6-year-old child during a drinking session, a court has heard.

50-year-old David Potter, a notorious pedophile with a history of child abuse, was left for dead in his South London flat after Christopher McMahon, 48, allegedly slit his throat and stabbed him multiple times in the chest, the Old Bailey was told.

Potter was found dead, face down on the floor of his flat in Tooting, five days after he was stabbed to death in the early hours of August 21, 2018.

The body of Mr. Potter, who had convictions for sex offenses against children, was discovered after police forced entry to his property when a friend became concerned.

After the incident, McMahon went to his on-off partner’s house still soaked in his alleged victim’s blood, declaring, “I’ve done it,” the jury was told.

Prosecutor Sarah Whitehouse QC told jurors: “Mr. McMahon said he had slit a man’s throat and indeed he had.”

According to the Daily Mail, she said McMahon told his partner the man was a pedophile who told him he had molested a six-year-old.

“Mr. McMahon admits he was the person who stabbed Mr. Potter to death,” Ms. Whitehouse told jurors.

“The question for you will be why Mr. McMahon did that.”

The court heard McMahon had been in possession of a Stanley knife at his girlfriend’s flat a few days before the alleged murder.

On the night of August 20, he was drinking at Mr. Potter’s small studio apartment above a convenience store, where he lived alone, while another man left in the early hours of the following day.

“There is no doubt that in the early hours of that morning Mr. McMahon stabbed Mr. Potter repeatedly,” Ms. Whitehouse said.

“The reason I can say that there is no doubt about that is because Mr. McMahon has now admitted it. 

“His clothing and shoes were covered in Mr. Potter’s blood and the trainers he was wearing left footprints in blood all over Mr. Potter’s flat.

“After stabbing Mr. Potter in the early hours of that morning, Mr. McMahon left him dead or dying face down on the floor of the flat.”

Police officers found Mr. Potter in a pool of blood when they forced entry to his home on March 26.

A post-mortem examination found he had a number of stab wounds to the neck, the most severe of which had gone through to the spine and cut numerous blood vessels including the jugular vein.

Mr. Potter also had defensive wounds to his left arm and hands, the court was told. 

Jurors heard the pair “did not appear to be particularly close or longstanding friends” but were “bonded by an interest in alcohol.”

Mr. Potter was last seen alive shortly before 11 pm on 20 March heading back up to his flat on Tooting High Street from the convenience store below.

McMahon, clutching a few cans of beer, was captured on CCTV following him up there around 20 minutes later.  

Another man, who has refused to assist the investigation, left the apartment shortly before McMahon did, the court was told.

McMahon’s partner heard “banging on the door and shouting at her to let him in,” jurors heard. 

Jurors heard the woman told McMahon that he was “covered in blood” and asked if he had “hurt someone.”

“Yes, I have hurt a pedophile,” McMahon allegedly replied.

The killer then took some drugs before going to bed, warning his partner he would “tell them you were there” should she phone the police.

After he left the next morning, jurors heard his partner was visited by her son and his girlfriend and she told them all about what had happened the night before, prompting the girlfriend to call the authorities.

Two officers later seized McMahon’s bloody clothes, but by that stage, they were unaware anything had happened to Mr. Potter.

His body was not discovered until 26 March when a concerned pal rang the police, having not seen him for a couple of days.

McMahon was eventually arrested two months later when forensic tests proved a link between the victim and the bloody clothes.

Ms Whitehouse told jurors McMahon “admits he was the person who stabbed Mr. Potter to death” but added that “the question for you is why he did that.”

McMahon, of no fixed address, denies murder.

The trial continues.

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