Pedophile Priest Claims ‘The Devil’ Made Him Abuse Children

Pedophile Priest Claims ‘The Devil’ Made Him Abuse Children

Priest held on ‘house arrest’ pending the investigation into child molestation

A pedophile priest accused of raping an 11-year-old girl in his car has claimed that he thought “the child was older,” and the “devil forced him” into committing the crime.

Father Paolo Glaentzer, 70 said “the devil gave him a trip,” when he was arrested last month for allegedly molesting an 11-year-old girl in his car.

Despite being accused of child molestation, Glaentzer was not jailed by the court.

Instead, he is being held on ‘house arrest’ pending the investigation.

When questioned by an Italian newspaper, the disgraced priest said he was “very sorry” for what happened to the girl.

He then pinned the blame on Satan, arguing that “the devil tripped me.”

When questioned about the abuse, Glaentzer claimed his encounter with the girls was “an exchange of affection” that spiraled out of control.

He added that his victim seemed “much more mature than she was.”

“I found out she was 11 years old…I thought she was at least 15,” he told the newspaper.

Even if Glaentzer’s victim was actually 15, he would have still broken the law due to the age of consent being 16 in Italy.

The person journalist interviewing the priest noted that he seemed totally unphased by the ongoing criminal case, and insisted that he has entrusted himself “to Jesus and Mary.”

The wider picture

Just last month, Neon Nettle reported the former archbishop of Washington, DC, Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, has resigned amid accusations of child sex abuse according to reports.

Pope Francis accepted the resignation of the high ranking Catholic church official on Friday.

McCarrick, 88, has been at the epicenter of the growing pedophilia scandal within the church, as allegations of the sexual abuse of children continue to plague the Vatican.

In June, McCarrick was suspended by the ministry by the church after credible allegations that he sexually abused children while he was a parish priest in New York.

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