Pedophile Ring Leader Found Beaten to Death in Prison

Pedophile Ring Leader Found Beaten to Death in Prison

Man suffers fatal injuries by fellow inmates at Michigan jail

The leader of an international pedophile ring was found dead in a Michigan prison after fellow inmates beat him to death, according to reports.

Christian Maire, 40, who was sentenced to 40 years in prison, suffered fatal injuries following the brutal attack.

Maire was sentenced after admitting to running the child abuse network, telling the judge “I am sick.”

The man, who was also a father of two, ran an illegal online sex scam operation in which nine men from various states abused more than 100 children, one of whom was a girl from Michigan who assisted the FBI bust, US media reported. 

Following Maire’s sentence hearing, one victim allegedly said: “That’s life. And he’s gonna get the hell beat out of him.”

While serving his sentence, Maire got into a fight with seven other fellow inmates.

He was later pronounced dead by the Federal Bureau of Prisons on Friday.

Reports say Maire and his co-defendants enticed young girls onto the dark web and ordered them to strip naked, masturbate and perform improper sexual acts in front of a webcam.

The young girls were also told to cut themselves while they watched.

One girl was even forced into performing sex acts on her dog.

Using fake social media profiles, the men disguised themselves as teenage boys with stolen images as they searched the internet looking for victims.

The websites they used included Periscope, Gifyo, YouNow, and, which touts itself as “the No. 1 teen dating site in the U.S., Australia, U.K., and Canada.”

One victim who recounted an ordeal at the sentencing told the judge:

“Thinking back to those days causes me to cry myself to sleep, wondering when the monsters will stop haunting me.”

All nine defendants pleaded guilty before being sentenced to decades in prison, including Maire, whose fate became much worse.

Police have now launched a murder investigation following Maire’s death

Three other inmates at the Michigan prison were treated for severe injuries, including two prison staff members who also suffered minor injuries.

Assistant US Attorney Kevin Mulcahy stated in court documents: “Maire had everything, a wife, children, higher education, a good job, family support and a wealth of life experience.”

He added: “Maire played the role of loving husband and father, but spent much of his free time sexually exploiting some other father’s precious daughter.”

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