Pelosi Defends Anti-Semitic Democrat with Lie About ‘Anti-Jewish’ Trump Rallies

Pelosi Defends Anti-Semitic Democrat with Lie About ‘Anti-Jewish’ Trump Rallies

House speaker attempts to twist narrative from Ilhan Omar by lying about Trump supporters

In defense of Democrat Ilhan Omar’s anti-Semitism, Nancy Pelosi has falsy claimed that President Donald Trump’s supporters chant “Jew-S-A” at his rallies and he has “never distanced himself” from it.

Democratic House Speaker Pelosi defended Omar’s recent anti-Semitic comments by attempting to twist the narrative and redirect the controversy back to trump.

Pelosi made the false claim when asked by CNN’s Elizabeth Landers to respond to Vice President Mike Pence’s Tuesday statement in which he called Omar’s Monday apology for antisemitic rhetoric “inadequate.”

Pence called for Omar to “face consequences” for her anti-Semitic comments during a Twitter tirade over the weekend, saying she did not belong on the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

When Pelosi was asked for a response to Pence’s statement, she said:

“As I heard the president [Donald Trump] speaking this morning, all that was going through my mind was ‘Jew-S-A, Jew-S-A’ at his rallies that he never distanced himself from.”

According to Breitbart, in all of the many rallies during the 2016 presidential campaign, and all of the Trump rallies since, there has been only one incidence of one individual chanting “Jew-S-A.”

As Breitbart reported at the time, the perpetrator was a crazed man shouting at the media pen at a rally on October 30, 2016.

The Trump campaign not only distanced itself from the man and the chant, but it “forcefully disavowed” that supporter — as the Washington Post noted.

Then-campaign manager Kellyanne Conway told CNN’s Jake Tapper: “His conduct is completely unacceptable and does not reflect our campaign or our candidate. … 

“That man’s conduct was deplorable.

“And had I been there, I would have asked security to remove him immediately. 

“Clearly, he doesn’t speak for the campaign or the candidate.  …

“And I think what he had to say was disgusting.”

She noted that Trump had disavowed any support from racists or antisemites.

And she added that the media’s attempt to pin the incident on Trump was “the best piece of evidence I have that we’re actually going to win in nine days.”

Nancy Pelosi‘s attempt to deflect criticism of Omar comes as she herself is facing increasing criticism for appointing Omar to the House Foreign Affairs Committee last month despite concerns, even among Democrats, about Omar’s history of radical anti-Israel views and antisemitic rhetoric.

On Tuesday, the local Minneapolis/St. Paul Pioneer Press newspaper reported that Jewish leaders in the area had spoken with Omar last year in an attempt to convince her to change her rhetoric — to no avail.

Trump called on Omar to resign from Congress, or at least from the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Tuesday.

Despite her apology, Omar’s offensive tweets are still live at the time of press.

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