Pete Buttigieg Dismisses Donald Trump Supporters as ‘Committed Racists’

Pete Buttigieg Dismisses Donald Trump Supporters as ‘Committed Racists’

2020 hopeful rules out trying to win over President’s supporters

2020 presidential candidate Mayor Pete Buttigieg wrote of President Donald Trump‘s who chanted “send her back” at the president’s political rally. 

When a reporter asked Buttigieg if he would try and win over Trump supporters, he replied, “No.”

“The reality is there are a lot of committed racists whose vote I’m never going to get, and that’s alright,” Buttigieg said.

The Mayor commented on the controversial chant during his campaign in Indiana.

Buttigieg said, “Republicans of conscience” were already “thinking twice” about their vote for Trump in 2016, before asserting that their consciences would not allow them to do so again.

“There are a lot of people who simply voted to burn the house down,” he said.

“And now that the house in on fire, it’s time to actually put in somebody who’s going to do something about the future.”

When asked he believed that Trump’s claim he did not appreciate the controversial chant, Buttigieg replied, “Of course not.”

“If President Trump really cared, he would have done something on the spot about it, but of course we know that first of all he lacks the courage to do that, and secondly he needs us divided, he wants us divided,” he said.

Meanwhile, Ilhan Omar (D-MN) vowed to continue being a “nightmare” for President Donald Trump as she received a rock star welcome in her Minnesota district on Thursday.

Omar issued the warning following a turbulent week in which she and other members of the so-called AOC Squad repeatedly clashed with President Trump.

Crowds of people greeted Omar as she arrived at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

Many of her supporters were carrying placards backing for the freshman congresswoman for her anti-Trump campaign.

Critics deemed Trump’s comments “racist” and divisive particularly as all four congresswomen are American citizens, with three of them born in the U.S. (Omar was born in Somalia.)

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