Peter Strzok Handpicked the 3000 Clinton Emails FBI Examined from Weiner Laptop

Peter Strzok Handpicked the 3000 Clinton Emails FBI Examined from Weiner Laptop

Anti-Trump agent selected Hillary Clinton’s emails to be checked for criminal information

Following this week’s bombshell revelations that the FBI only examined around 1 percent of the near 700,000 of Hillary Clinton’s emails found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop, it has now emerged that the 3000 documents that were inspected, were personally handpicked by disgraced anti-Trump former agent Peter Strzok.

A report by Real Clear Investigations revealed that former FBI Director James Comey buried hundreds of thousands of emails that were discovered on jailed former Congressman Anthony Weiner’s laptop by officials.

Comey claimed Weiner’s laptop was thoroughly analyzed by investigators, but an independent probe by RCI reveals that the trove of emails went unexamined, indicating that the previous claims were far from true.

According to RCI, Comey prematurely closed the investigation into Hillary Clinton‘s email server due to political motivations and lied to the American people by claiming that the bureau had “reviewed all of the communications” found on Weiner‘s laptop.

Now, it has been revealed that, of the 700k emails found, Strzok carefully selected a sample batch of 3000, and himself and two other agents, who he also handpicked, analyzed the documents for an incriminating evidence.

Unsurprisingly to many, the sham of a so-called “investigation” turned up no evidence of criminal activity.

Gateway Pundit reports: James Comey sent a letter to the House Oversight Committee on October 28th, 2016 stating the FBI reopened the Hillary email investigation after they found Clinton’s State Department emails on pervert Anthony Weiner’s laptop.

Hundreds of thousands of emails were found on Weiner’s laptop yet the FBI closed the second investigation after a few days claiming they magically read through all the emails.

Former FBI Director James Comey previously told Congress the FBI examined all 700,000 emails found on Weiner’s laptop–it turns out that the FBI only examined approximately 3,000 out of 700,000 emails.

It gets worse…

Clinton fixer and Trump hater, Peter Strzok was the FBI agent who actually hand-picked the 3,000 emails from the 700,000 email tranche to be examined.

“Peter Strzok, the disgraced agent who was in charge of this Mid-Year investigation–he actually personally hand-picked the 3,000 email sample and with 2 other investigators and they went through them all supposedly…” Sperry said on FOX News’ Ingraham Angle.

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Then Comey lied about it under oath to Congress…

Comey told Congress in a sworn testimony that “thanks to the wizardry of our technology,” the FBI was able to delete the majority of messages as “duplicates” of emails they had already examined. FBI agents then toiled “night after night after night” to examine the remaining emails.

NOT TRUE. Comey’s protege Peter Strzok hand-picked the 3,000 emails to make sure it looked like there was nothing classified or incriminating in the bulk of emails.

Thanks to Judicial Watch, we know at least 18 emails found on Weiner’s laptop contained classified information including the name of a CIA official.

President Trump put Hillary Clinton and the Deep State on notice Saturday morning in a tweetstorm.

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