Poll: Donald Trump’s Approval Rating Soars Past Obama’s – Media Silence

Poll: Donald Trump’s Approval Rating Soars Past Obama’s – Media Silence

48 percent approval rating, beating Barack Obama’s approval rating by 3 points

Donald Trump has marked his second Independence Day as President seeing us approval rating soar past former President Barack Obama at the same point in his term.

President Trump now has a massive 48 percent approval rating, beating Barack Obama’s approval rating by 3 points according to Rasmussen’s Daily Presidential Tracking Poll.

Despite Trump’s impressive achievement, the mainstream media has once again remained silent.

Even though 3 points doesn’t seem like much, when put in context with media worship of Obama and the constant media demonization of Trump, it’s fair to say its nothing short of a miracle – Trump is indeed blowing Obama away. 

According to Westernjournal.com Remember, by July 4, 2010, Obama had been a president with huge majorities in both houses of Congress.

The world was still swooning over the first black president, who had been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize the year before for literally nothing he had accomplished yet (or would, in fact, accomplish over the next six, dismal years of his tenure).

He’d signed the Affordable Care Act in March of 2010, and Washington correspondents for mainstream news organizations were mainly concerned with trying to outdo each other in degrading their profession by fawning over Obama, his wife and the whole quasi-socialist program his Democrat Party was trying to foist on the country.

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By contrast, Trump has been battling not only foreign governments in trade disputes but also a nit-picking, overly antagonistic media that’s given his administration an astounding 90 percent negative coverage, according to the hawk-eyed Newsbusters at the Media Research Center.

Even more impressive, Trump’s approval numbers are actually being helped by black and Hispanic voters – exactly the kind of Americans liberals are counting on to power their vaunted (and probably mythical) “blue wave” come November.

Now, it’s a good chance most mainstream media commentators were hoping — along with the Democrat Party — that Trump would never actually reach the milestone of the second Fourth of July in the White House.

By now, special counsel Robert Mueller’s “Russia collusion” investigation should have driven him from office, of course – if Trump’s own perfidy (in liberal eyes) or the inherent criminality (again, in liberal eyes) of his administration hadn’t made it self-destruct.

But neither of those things have happened. And despite the onslaught of media hostility, Americans can see with their own eyes what a Trump administration is accomplishing.

Low unemployment, a roaring stock market, demonstrable – if still uncertain – progress toward peace with the always-nettlesome North Koreans.

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That’s the kind of news that can’t help but get through the media filter, because Americans have their eyes open.

And it’s the kind of reality Americans are experiencing in their daily lives, no matter what the news media keeps telling them.

And that makes the news about what Americans are really thinking the kind of news the news media hates most of all.

President Donald Trump recently urged people to “turn off” the ‘fake news’ if they want to know what his true approval rating is as he slams political pundits for misreporting figures.

Trump said that political pundits have reported that his approvals ratings were around 50 percent, despite them being higher than Obamas’s with news reports citing them as ‘low.”

According to Trump’s tweet:

“Rasmussen and others have my approval ratings at around 50 percent, which is higher than Obama, and yet the political pundits love saying my approval ratings are ‘somewhat low.’

They know they are lying when they say it. Turn off the show — FAKE NEWS,”

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