Poll Reveals Americans Increasingly Believe Trump Has Presidential Qualities

Poll Reveals Americans Increasingly Believe Trump Has Presidential Qualities

The Gallup poll sees even-point gain from two years ago

According to a poll released on Tuesday, more Americans now believe that President Donald Trump has the presidential qualities of personality and leadership.

The Gallup poll found that a massive 40 percent of Americans consider President Trump to have the right personality and leadership qualities of what is expected from a president.

The poll reveals a seven-point gain from two years ago, where only 33 percent of Americans believed Trump had the right qualities to be president.

But Americans believe in Trump’s qualities of leadership has increased across the political board.

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Eighty-one percent of Republicans thought that Trump had the right personality and quality to be president, amounting to a seven-point gain from 2017.

Meanwhile, thirty-one percent of Independents approve of Trump’s personality, amounting to a four-point increase, and 13 percent of Democrats approve of Trump’s leadership qualities – a seven-point gain over two years.

Despite growing approval of Trump’s character, more citizens approve of Trump on the issues than his character.

According to the Gallup poll, Forty-seven percent of Americans approve of Trump on the issues that matter to Americans.

Fifty-three percent disapprove of Trump’s handling of the issues that matter most to the average American.

Gallup’s analysis implied that Trump should campaign on his issue as opposed to his character, while Democrats could increase their chances of beating Trump.

“That is something they did not do in 2016 when Hillary Clinton was the Democratic nominee. She, like Trump, was widely thought to be dishonest and untrustworthy, thus negating one of Trump’s obvious weaknesses and making character less of a factor in voters’ decision-making processes,” Gallup wrote.

“Democrats also must be careful not to nominate a candidate who is perceived as out of the mainstream on issues,” Gallup concluded.

“Doing so could elevate issues as a voting factor and work to Trump’s advantage if more voters say they agree with Trump than the Democratic candidate on the most important issues.”

The Gallup survey polled 1,204 adults between April 17 and April 30 and had a margin of error of 4 percentage points.

In April, Donald Trump’s job approval rating rose sharply to 45% in an April 1-9 Gallup poll, which has increased by 39% compared to March.

This is the third time Trump has reached 45% job approval rating in Gallup trends, the highest in the series.

This is the first time Gallup’ measured Trump’s approval since the conclusion of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report into alleged Russian collusion, which cleared the presdient of any wrongdoing.

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