Pompeo: Trump’s Deal Will Allow US to Send Migrants Back Home ‘Full Throttle’

Pompeo: Trump’s Deal Will Allow US to Send Migrants Back Home ‘Full Throttle’

Secretary of State agreement will engage protocol to make a fundamental difference

Following President Donald Trump‘s deal with Mexico to take immediate action on illegal immigration, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the agreement would allow the US to return migrants to Mexico at “full throttle.” 

The threat of Trump’s impending tariff hikes prompted Mexico to buckle, agreeing to a deal to prevent illegal crossings into the US.

Pompeo said:

We now have the capacity to do this full throttle and engage this in a way that will make a fundamental difference in the calculus for those [migrants] deciding to transit Mexico to try to get into the United States.

This full-blown effort under the Migration Protocols [Remain in Mexico] is a big deal and was something that we worked on very, very diligently with our Mexican counterparts over two days. And we will pursue other cooperative efforts too.

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The new policy will give s Trump’s border agencies the power to bypass the “catch and release” order imposed by Congress and the courts.

The federal policy has already allowed 350,000 Central American adults and children into U.S. workplaces and neighborhoods while they await court dates for humanitarian asylum.

Wages and working conditions for blue-collar Americans have recently been diminished due to the massive influx of migrant workers.

Around 400,000 work permits were issued by homeland security agency between 2017 and 2018.

Before Trump’s deal, Mexico was already showing signs of the agreement after federal police and military were dispatched to the southern Mexican border to send migrants back to Guatemala.

Last week, Hundreds of migrants faced off with Mexican soldiers as they attempted to cross the border from Guatemala in a caravan into southern Mexico.

Dozens of migrants were detained by police, according to one witness from a migrant aid group.

The new return policy dubbed “Remain in Mexico,” has now been renamed “Migration Protection Protocols.”

Pompeo added that the deal “shows the enduring strength of the relationship between our two countries and it is a significant win for the American people… The president s doing precisely what he said he would do.”

“Both parties agree that if the above measures do not have the expected results, additional measures will be taken,” Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard reportedly said Monday.

“We would sit down to discuss with other countries such as Panama, Brazil, Guatemala.”

Democrats imploding

The response to Donald Trump’s big win over Mexico, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi accused him of using “threats and temper tantrums” to get the deal secured.

The California Democrat added that Trump “undermined” the United States’ leadership role.

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