Pope Francis Criticizes Nationalism, Says Diversity is a ‘Source of Richness’

Pope Francis Criticizes Nationalism, Says Diversity is a ‘Source of Richness’

The Pontiff used his platform to address mass migration

Pope Francis had again criticized nationalism and the growing populist movement throughout Europe in his Christmas speech yesterday.

The Pontiff, using his platform to address issues of mass immigration once again, called cultural differences a “source of richness.”

Francis spoke about the growing nationalist movement in the West due to mass migration from North Africa and the Middle East.

Speaking to a broad audience at the Vatican, the Pope said: 

“Our differences are not a detriment or a danger; they are a source of richness. As when an artist is about to make a mosaic: it is better to have tiles of many colors available, rather than just a few.”

“The experience of families teaches us this,” he added.

“as brothers and sisters, we are all different from each other. We do not always agree, but there is an unbreakable bond uniting us, and the love of our parents helps us to love one another,” he continued.

Francis then addressed the ‘side effects’ of materialism.

“An insatiable greed marks all human history, even today, when, paradoxically, a few dine luxuriantly while all too many go without the daily bread needed to survive,” he said.

“Standing before the manager, we understand that the food of life is not material riches but love, not gluttony but charity, not ostentation but simplicity,” the Pope added.

Last week, Francis commemorated ‘International Migrants’ Day on Tuesday with a Tweet comparing Jesus Christ’s cold welcome in Bethlehem to that of modern-day migrants.

But the Pontiff may have been too quick start giving history lessons on social media as many corrected him by pointing out that Joseph and Mary were not immigrants, but were returning to Bethlehem, Joseph’s native city.

“Jesus knows well the pain of not being welcomed,” the pope said.

“May our hearts not be closed as were the houses in Bethlehem.”

He also condemned nationalist leaders who ‘accuse migrants’ for the country’s problems.

Francis, who is frequently urging countries to open their borders, made the comments in his message for the Catholic Church’s World Day of Peace, commemorated on New Year’s Day.

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