Pope Francis Orders Cardinal Donald Wuerl to Leave US to ‘Avoid Arrest’

Pope Francis Orders Cardinal Donald Wuerl to Leave US to ‘Avoid Arrest’

Cardinal in hiding as ‘plans for sneaking him out of the country ‘ are finalised

Pope Francis has told Cardinal Donald Wuerl to leave the United States if he wants to avoid being arrested by authorities, according to Church Militant’s Michael Voris.

The Washington, D.C. cardinal who replaced disgraced Cardinal Theodore McCarrick and helped cover for pedophile priests, is now in hiding as “final plans for sneaking him out of the country are executed,” Voris reported.

According to a source affiliated with the Institute of the Incarnate Word seminary, Cardinal Donald Wuerl was fully aware of allegations against Cardinal Theodore McCarrick but continued to assist in his luxury lifestyle.

A source, who is familiar with McCarrick’s abuse case, spoke with anonymity claiming that Wuerl was informed of the investigation into McCarrick’s alleged sexual abuse in New York in 2017.

According to LFN: According to Voris, who says he received this information from reliable sources, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) may open up a RICO case against the Catholic Church. RICO, the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, is a 1970 anti-organized crime, anti-racketeering law.

Because Wuerl would be a prime target of such a case, according to Voris, Pope Francis wants him out of the country lest he reveal “all he knows” because any potential DOJ case would lead to the Vatican.

“They are trying to sneak him out of the nation under Vatican diplomatic secrecy,” said Voris, noting Wuerl has backed out of a number of public events after the Pennsylvania news broke, and speculating he may be hiding at a hotel in the nation’s capital.

Voris said priests of the archdiocese received a letter from Wuerl saying he was looking forward to seeing them during Labor Day weekend.

The report begins at 2:52 in the video:

This potential action from the federal government, which would be huge if undertaken, is due to the clergy sexual abuse crisis that has rocked the U.S. church with the release of the Pennsylvania grand jury report that exposed decades of clerical sex abuse and church cover-up.

Also adding to the scandal is the recent detailed testimony of Archbishop Carlo Viganò, who says that Pope Francis and a number of high-ranking cardinals, bishops, and priests knew about McCarrick’s predation yet still placed him in positions of influence and allowed him access to seminarians. 

Viganò said in his testimony that Wuerl “lies shamelessly” in denying that he was aware of McCarrick’s abuse. 

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