Pope Responds to Abuse Allegations: ‘Christians are Communicating a Lifestyle’

Pope Responds to Abuse Allegations: ‘Christians are Communicating a Lifestyle’

Francis posts response on Twitter, quickly deletes following backlash

As pressure has been mounting for Pope Francis to act regarding the most recent wave of child abuse allegations, the head of the Catholic Church posted what appeared as a sales pitch from his official Twitter account.

The pope, real name Jorge Bergoglio, posted a tweet Thursday saying “We Christians are not selling a product. We are communicating a lifestyle,” before quickly deleting it following a backlash from Twitter users.

The choice of words seems particularly off, considering it’s the lifestyles and actions of the church’s clergy members that are being called into question.

The pontiff later backtracked and posted a new tweet with a similarly worded message, instead declaring that Christians communicate “Life.”

Daily Caller reports: Twitter users lambasted the original tweet, saying that the church’s recent actions and the language of Francis’ message sounded exactly like a sales pitch.

The pontiff later altered his message, though critics continued their outcry against the new tweet, expressing disdain over the disconnect between the church’s message and the recent abuse scandals that have enveloped it.

Many Twitter users also lashed out at the pope’s message in light of his ongoing refusal to address allegations from Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano that he helped to cover up allegations of sexual abuse against Cardinal Theodore McCarrick.

Several prelates have demanded an investigation into the claims while both lay faithful and clergy have demanded greater accountability from the Church, given not only those allegations but also recent reports on massive sexual abuse scandals in Pennsylvania and Ireland.

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