Pregnant Transgender Demands Child is Officially Declared ‘Motherless’

Pregnant Transgender Demands Child is Officially Declared ‘Motherless’

The ‘man’ wants to be identified as the child’s father on birth certificate

transgender man who gave birth to a child is at the epicenter of a landmark trial which is being supervised by the most senior family court judge in England and Wales. 

The child’s parent was born a woman but now lives like a man after ‘transitioning’ with the help of surgery.

The ‘man,’ who wants to be identified as the child’s father or parent on a birth certificate, was told by the registrar that the law requires people who give birth to be registered as mothers.

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In response, he has taken legal action against the General Register Office, which registers births and deaths in the UK, for discrimination.

President of the Family Division of the High Court, Sir Andrew McFarlane, is overseeing the high profile case at a trial in London.

McFarlane is investigating legal argument from lawyers who were representing the Transgender, the baby, the head of the General Register Office, Department of Health and Social Care ministers and Home Office ministers.

The baby could be the first person born in the UK who will not legally have a mother if Sir Andrew rules in favor of the man.

The man argues that his human rights have been breached because he has been forced to register as a ‘mother.’

He claims such ‘interference’ is not proportionate or needed because of changes that have ‘evolved in society,’ he says.

Mr. Justice Francis said that if the man wins his case, it may force ministers to consider changing the law.

The court ruled baby could not be identified in the in media reports, inclduing a nondisclosure of l the child’s gender or age or the man’s age or address.

The restrictions still currently remain in force.

Lawyers say other transgender men have remained as ‘mothers’ on birth certificates after giving birth.

Last month, we reported a growing number of parents are changing their ‘Transgender’ children’s names legally by Deed Poll, according to reports.

As more children claim to be transgender, the number of cases where names are legally changed has soared.
t least one under-16 is having his title changed from “Master” to “Miss” or vice versa every single say the UK Deed Poll Service discovered, according to the Sunday Times.

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