Priest Slams Globalist Church Leaders: ‘Walls and Borders Made Civilization’

Priest Slams Globalist Church Leaders: ‘Walls and Borders Made Civilization’

Italian clergyman expresses support for Populist leader Matteo Salvini

A Roman Catholic priest has pushed back against the ‘open border’ rhetoric of the Catholic church, by defending the use of borders and walls.

Father Giacobbe Elia told Italian newspaper Il Giornale that walls and borders were both crucial to the building of any civilization throughout history.

The priest went on to defend populist Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini’s decision to wear a crucifix during the last election campaign.

Many globalist members of the church criticized Salvini for displaying the crucifix.

Father Elia added that the reception of migrants and asylum seekers “must never be implemented to the detriment of security.”

His notion was in complete contrast to Pope Francis’s remarks last year after he called on migrants to flood the United States while urging world leaders to “forget about national security” concerns as immigrant’s needs are “more important” than borders.

Elia is the latest member to the Roman Catholic clergy in Italy to support Matteo Salvini publically.

Monsignor Michele Crociata, an expert scholar of Islam, recently praised Salvini’s firm border policy, saying:

“A sensible politician must guarantee the security of the nation and control of the situation.”

Crociata also sided with Salvini’s public display of faith:

“Christian signs are beautiful both in private and in public. We have almost lost our Christian identity, and if anyone remembers us, so be it.”

But clergy members who are ‘pro-Salvini’ are likely to be outnumbered by other members of the church, who are actively opposing his migration policies.

Earlier this year, Jesuit Father Antonio Spadaro called out Salvini for “taking the name of God in vain.”

He added that Salvini’s values, “have nothing to do with the gospel of Jesus.”

The Catholic magazine Famiglia Cristiana went as far as comparing Salvini to Satan.

“The comparison to Satan seems in very poor taste,” Salvini said at the time.

“I don’t presume to give anybody lessons, and I am the last of the good Christians, but I don’t think I deserve that.”

In March, Salvini vowed to “save Europe” from globalism after he revealed his government’s plans to push back against the European Union.

Speaking during a press conference this week at Lega’s historic headquarters at Via Bellerio 41 in Milan, Italian Deputy Prime Minister Salvinidecalred that the EU must change its laws and regulations to give “a sense of self-respect and dignity” back to individual countries.

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