Prince Andrew Faces Questions from AG Investigating Epstein’s ‘Pedophile Island’

Prince Andrew Faces Questions from AG Investigating Epstein’s ‘Pedophile Island’

US Virgin Islands Attorney General Denise George probing claims made against British duke

Prince Andrew is facing questions from the attorney general overseeing investigations into child sex trafficking on deceased sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s notorious “Pedophile Island.”

Epstein’s U.S. Virgin Islands private island Little St. James – known to locals and authorities as “Pedophile Island” – is at the center of the investigations into the Clinton-linked financier’s sex trafficking operation.

The U.S. Virgin Islands chief legal adviser is now seeking answers from Andrew, the Duke of York, over alleged crimes involving his friend Epstein that occurred on his “pedo island” in the Caribbean

Attorney General Denise George, who is investigating Epstein’s child sex trafficking to Little Saint James, says her office may seek to grill the British duke.

“We target evidence, the evidence may take us to people,” George told The Sun.

“But we target the evidence. We see where the evidence leads us.”

The news comes as a member of Jeffrey Epstein’s staff claimed that he saw Prince Andrew groping Epstein’s alleged sex slave Virginia Roberts at the pedophile’s Caribbean island home. 

And Scotland Yard is also under pressure to release key records relating to Prince Andrew after doubt was cast on his alibi on the night he is accused of raping a teenager in Britain.

A retired royalty protection officer claims the Duke of York returned to Buckingham Palace in the early hours after he is alleged to have raped 17-year-old Virginia Roberts.

He said the prince hurled abuse at palace guards, shouting “Open these bloody gates, you buffoons,” when he found them shut in the middle of the night.

The officer claims it could be March 11, 2001, when Miss Roberts says she was raped by Andrew – an allegation he denies.

The prince says he was at home after taking daughter Beatrice to Pizza Express.

Miss Roberts alleges she was ordered by pedophile Jeffrey Epstein to have sex with the duke after dancing with him at London nightclub Tramp.

Now the ex-officer, who wishes to remain anonymous, wants the Met to provide palace guard records to confirm his whereabouts on the night.

He intends to use freedom of information laws to access his rota.

The officer has pledged to speak to lawyers acting for Epstein’s victims, saying he wants to “see justice done.”

Yesterday the officer revealed women would arrive unannounced at Buckingham Palace to see Andrew, including Epstein’s friend Ghislaine Maxwell, who has been accused of procuring underage girls for the sex offender. 

Other visitors included model Caprice Bourret. 

The former PC, who retired from SO14, Scotland Yard’s Royalty Protection Command in 2009, said Andrew resented police keeping records about his guests: “He always feels the police are prying and we shouldn’t know things.”

The force has previously refused to discuss the duke’s security, but yesterday a spokesman said: “The ex-officer is entitled to submit his subject access request which will be then be considered.”

A spokesman for Prince Andrew declined to comment.

Yesterday an IT worker for Epstein – who killed himself in custody last year – claimed he saw Andrew groping Miss Roberts at the pedophile’s Caribbean island home of Little St James.

Steve Scully, 70, told The Sun on Sunday: “He was grabbing her a**.

“He was grinding against her and groping her.”

He worked for the tycoon as a phone and internet specialist between 1999 and 2006, said he recalled Andrew with a young bikini-clad blonde by a pool on Little St James.

Mr. Scully is convinced the young woman was Virginia, who alleges she was forced by Epstein to take part in an orgy with the Duke of York on the tropical estate.

He is the first witness to come forward to say they saw Andrew with her on the island.

Prince Andrew has emphatically denied having a “relationship” with the 17-year-old, who claims she was raped by the prince three times.

Mr. Scully, 70, told The Sun on Sunday that he had been summoned to fix a phone jack when he saw the pair canoodling: “He was grabbing her a** and stuff like that.

“They were kissing. He was grinding against her and groping her.

“The look on Andrew’s face was excitement.”

Mr. Scully added: “It struck me as how young the girl was because she stood like a kid would stand behind a parent.

“They walked off together and I went the other way.

“I thought she looked particularly young. It bothered me.

“I thought that it wasn’t appropriate.”

A spokeswoman for Prince Andrew declined to comment yesterday.

In 2008, Epstein was jailed for procuring a child for prostitution and served 13 months in jail.

Last July he was arrested on child sex trafficking charges and was later found dead in his jail cell while awaiting trial.

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