Pro-Trump Celebrities Steal the Show at the Grammy Awards

Pro-Trump Celebrities Steal the Show at the Grammy Awards

Music stars don custom MAGA outfits, expressing support for President Trump

Pro-Trump music stars stole the show on the red carpet for the 2019 Grammy Awards on Sunday night.

Joy Villa made her annual “Make America Great Again” statement at the star-studded event in Los Angeles, and this time the MAGA singer had some company: Ricky Rebel.

27-year-old Villa dressed as a barbed wire-topped border wall on her way into the Grammys with a silver dress and crown with a red purse emblazoned with the famous Make America Great Again slogan.

Once inside, she ditched the shell to reveal a low-cut gown in a brick pattern print with “BUILD THE WALL” written in giant lettering across the back.

Villa told Fox News of her ensemble, “Well to no surprise, I’m still a Trump supporter and supporting the president and what he’s doing.

“This is my Make America Great Again purse and dress is by Desi Designs Couture, and it represents the wall.”

She added, “One in three women who are trying to come to this country illegally are sexually assaulted.

“Thousands of children are sexually exploited by coyotes bringing them across the border.

“Seventy percent of the heroin in our nation is brought in through Mexico.

“This is not personal against this country or the people.

“It’s not about race. It’s about protecting the people who are in this country.

“I’m Latina, I’m black. I support what the president says about building the wall, so that’s what this dress represents.”

Rebel, 38, sported a blue jacket that read “KEEP AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” down the front lapels with a white shirt and pants.

He accessorized with patriotic star glasses and white heeled boots.

The back of Rebel’s jacket simply read “TRUMP.”

Last year, Villa sported a pro-life message on the Grammys red carpet.

In 2017, she wore a “Make America Great Again” gown to music’s biggest night.

The Scientologist singer previously mulled over running for Congress.

Speaking of the potential backlash to her MAGA style, she said:

“Ignore it, keep preaching what I believe in and say ‘Hey listen, there’s a place for all beliefs.’

“There should be space.

“Our first amendment right is free speech, so we should all be able to weigh in and think about what the president does.

“It shouldn’t just be one-sided, ‘oh #resist!’ what about #MAGA? What about all the other people?

“Brown, black, Latina, Mexican, Indonesian.

“There’s tons Trump supporters out there all of differnet colors.

“I know, I am one [and] I hang out with them.”

She added of the border wall, “Obama wanted to build a wall.

“Clinton wanted to build a wall. It’s nothing new.

“But I believe he’s the one that’s going to ge it done.”

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