Putin: $400M Was Sent From Russia To the Hillary Clinton Campaign

Putin: $400M Was Sent From Russia To the Hillary Clinton Campaign

Vladimir Putin dropped the massive bombshell during the joint press conference in Helsinki

As the Deep State panic over the meeting between President Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, another gem of information revealed by the Russian leader was that $400 MILLION was sent from Russia to the Hillary Clinton campaign. 

Democrats, Mueller, and Rosenstein have a right panic.

Vladimir Putin dropped the massive bombshell during the joint press conference with President Trump, revealing named Browder earned over $1.5 BILLION in Russia, took the money of the county without paying any tax, then gave $400 MILLION to the Hillary Clinton campaign.

If that’s not Russian collusion, I don’t know what is.

According to the Halturner Radio show: The information was revealed when a reporter from Reuters asked Putin if Russia would send the 12 men Indicted by Special Counsel Mueller, to the US for trial.

Putin replied that there is a Mutual Law Enforcement Assistance Treaty between the US and Russia since 1999, and Russia WILL PERMIT Special Counsel Mueller and his team to travel to Russia to take part in any interrogation of the 12 men.

BUT IN RETURN, Russia wants the same treatment under that Mutual Law Enforcement Treaty with regards to a man named Mr. Browder.

Putin said:

“Mr. Browder and his associates earned over $1.5 Billion in Russia and evacuated the money without paying any taxes. He paid no taxes in Russia or the United States. $400 million was sent to Hillary Clinton.”

If the US wants Russia to cooperate with the 12 men, then Russia wants the same cooperation on Mr. Browder.”

Folks, this is the single most gigantic revelation to come out of the entire Helsinki Summit between Trump and Putin.

The President of Russia himself has now revealed Hillary Clinton got cash (earned in Russia) far in excess of allowable campaign finance limits.

The ONLY way that cash could find its way into her campaign without raising red flags with the Federal Election Commission, is if was LAUNDERED.

Money Laundering is a FEDERAL FELONY for which Hillary Clinton can be arrested and jailed because the Statute of Limitations has not run out.

The meeting will begin a rapid dissolve of the ‘Russia narrative’ the mainstream liberal left media have been counting on for so long.

‘It is in the interest of both of our countries to continue our conversation and we have agreed to do so,’ Trump said.

Putin said he completely trusts Donald Trump and that the feeling was mutual.

He said the US and Russia needed to solve problems together and that Moscow was ready for intelligence cooperation with America on terrorism and cyber threats.

According to The Gateway Pundit: President Trump is planning on meeting with Russian President Putin over the next few days in Finland.

These will be the first scheduled meetings between the US President, accused by the Democrats and the Deep State and their MSM of the fake story of colluding with the Russians during the 2016 campaign.

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