Putin Mocks Globalist EU: ‘Only Russia Is Independent’

Putin Mocks Globalist EU: ‘Only Russia Is Independent’

Putin appeared on World Order 2018, an Amazon Prime documentary

Russian leader Vladimir Putin slammed EU globalists in a bombshell documentary, declaring Russia is “the only independent nation” and countries that depend on the bloc become weak and “unpredictable.” 

Putin who appeared on World Order 2018, an Amazon Prime documentary created by TV host Vladimir Solovje, discussed topics that are almost never answered by world leaders.

During the explosive interview with Mr. Solovjev on the destabilization of Eastern Ukraine and the EU’s limiting measures in response to the “illegal” annexation of Crimea, Putin Putin mocked efforts made by Brussels to undermine Russia.

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When quizzed whether the bloc will lift sanctions placed against Moscow over the Ukraine crisis, Putin replied: “We did not introduce them.”

Referring to Ukraine, he continued: “What can they do?

“They are very dependent on the European Union, they can’t act on their own.”

Mr. Solovjev then asked Putin the key question:

“Then who is the independent player?”

Putin responded calmly “Russia is.”

“There are some other countries, but I don’t answer for them.

“Ask them how independent they are.

“You see when they are overtaken with internal problems of some serious character they become dependent on these processes and such countries become unpredictable.

“It affects their reliability.

“So are they independent or dependent? And on whom they depend?”

Ukraine and Russia have been mobilized since Moscow helped a pro-Russian separatist uprising in Donbas, eastern Ukraine, in 2014, where the armed fight continues to this day.

The EU has since imposed economic sanctions and prohibitive measures against Russia

The most recent consists of asset freezes and travel restrictions, applying o 155 persons and 44 entities.

Last year Italy’s Eurosceptic government made a show of friendship with Russia

Italy’s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said: “Italy considers it fruitful to convince all European partners to move in the same direction.

“Therefore, we would not make a decision now. We will take it in due time”.

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