‘Racist’ College Students Booted from ‘Multicultural Space’ over Pro-Police Sticker

‘Racist’ College Students Booted from ‘Multicultural Space’ over Pro-Police Sticker

‘Woke’ activists target students over ‘police lives matter’ and anti-Biden slogans

A video has gone viral after it shows two college students being called “racists” and ordered to leave a study area because one of them has a “police lives matter” sticker on his laptop.

Woke activist students are seen targeting two white males and demanding they leave the “multicultural space” at Arizona State University.

The two female activists accuse the white males of racism and “promoting our murders” by sporting the pro-police sticker.

“We’re just trying to do school,” one of the male students replies when one of the females recording the video called them “offensive” for supporting the police.

Then the yelling began.


“You’re making the space uncomfortable … You’re white!” one of the women yells.

“Do you understand what a multicultural space [is]?”

“White’s not a culture?” one of the males replied.

“No, it’s not a culture!” one of the females hollers.

“White is not a culture!

“Say it again to the camera!

“You think whiteness is a culture?

“So anyways, this is the violence that ASU does, and this is the type of people that they protect. Okay?” one of the females said.

“This white man thinks he can take up our space, and this is why we need a multicultural space because they think they can get away with this s**t.”

The second white male — who was wearing a “Did Not Vote for Biden” T-shirt — said “this is insane” and added that he would sit in the room until the females get “someone to kick me out.”

One of the females argued that the two white males have the entire rest of the campus — and that the room they were occupying is the only space on campus where people of color can be together exclusively.

“Every single part of the campus centers you — this is the only space that you’re not centered!” she added.

“And you’re still trying to center yourself, which is peak white cis-male, bulls**t!”

She also hollered at the student with the sticker that he’s “racist” and that his “sticker’s racist because police — that’s a job.

“You can choose to be a police [officer] … I don’t choose to be black, okay?

“No, you can choose to be a cop.

“You can choose to kill people with a badge, and you’re protecting that s**t, which means that you’re racist.”

The white student began to apologize: “I’m sorry, I wasn’t trying to offend you guys” — and then another female said “this offends us automatically because these people kill people like me and like us, right?

“So, you’re promoting our murders. So please just don’t do that.”

The other female asked, “Do you understand that ‘police lives matter’ was in response to Black Lives Matter?”

The male student with the sticker got angry at that point: “I pay the same f***ing tuition as you.

“I’m working 60 hours a week while going to school because my parents don’t just give me money.”

Both of the white students eventually left amid continued arguing and diatribes.


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According to the Post Millennial, the females who took video of the encounter and confronted the white male students identified themselves in a different video as student activists Mostadi and Zara.

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