Restaurant Refused to Give Acid Attack Victim Water Until He Paid for it

Restaurant Refused to Give Acid Attack Victim Water Until He Paid for it

Victim says he was thrown out of restaurant with acid pouring down his face

A desperate acid attack victim has claimed a restaurant refused to give him water until he paid for it moments after the incident.

Mike Glover-Johnson was attacked on High Street in Bloxwich, Walsall, UK on Sunday.

The victim was in his car at the time of the attack when he was approached and had a substance thrown in his face.

Johnson says that when he ran into the Chunky Grill restaurant for help, he was thrown out as he had acid pouring down his face.

The restaurant then demanded payment for the water used to treat his face.

The Metro reports: ‘Yes you read it correctly… hopefully whoever did this gets caught. And chunky grill owes me and Bloxwich an explanation..’ Student scarred for life after cooking pasta left her with third-degree burns.

Thankfully, the restaurant later recognized sense, Mike added: ‘I have just received an apology from The Owner of Chunky Grill.

He was not at the store at the time and he has promised me that the staff members that acted inappropriately will be dealt with. Thank you for the apology.’

In a straight plea to find the criminals, he wrote: ‘Any witnesses to me being randomly attacked with acid on Bloxwich high street thus (sic) evening please talk police to on 101.

‘Thankfully people helped and their quick reactions may have stopped permanent scarring.

Thank you Lee Glover-Johnson for being by my side.’

The proprietor of the establishment, Sayed Hashmi, said:

‘We did give them water and we didn’t turn them away from the restaurant. ‘We have also just finished handing over our CCTV to the police which shows the attack taking place.’

There’s a ‘Slap a Tory’ Brexit game that lets players hit Theresa May He later added on Facebook:

‘I need to clarify the confusion that Mr Mike has NOT been charged for water but instead provided him with a couple of buckets of water as well.

‘In the footage seen in the presence of police shows that Mr. Mike has been helped and assisted.

Deeply feel sorry for misunderstanding created that Mike has been charged for a bottle of water.’

A West Midlands Police spokesman said: ‘The investigation is at an early stage, the motive is unknown and police are keeping an open mind.

‘A number of inquiries are underway, including a CCTV trawl, officers are also trying to identify what the substance was.’ Police described the attack as an ‘isolated incident’.

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