Rihanna Spotted Wearing ‘Think, While It’s Still Legal’ T-Shirt

Rihanna Spotted Wearing ‘Think, While It’s Still Legal’ T-Shirt

Singer caught sporting political T-shirt in NYC

Singer Rihanna has been spotted wearing a white “Think, While It’s Still Legal” T-shirt in New York City on Friday.

The singer sported the political shirt while heading to a recording studio, the Daily Mail reported.

“The billionaire made a political statement in Vetements’ white ‘Think while it’s still legal’ T-shirt, teamed with baggy blue jeans and slouchy metallic pointy-toe boots.”

“‘Think while it’s still legal’ is the message T-shirt with shoulder pads that opens Vetements’ fall look book, a dump of 165 images with backdrops indicating earth, heaven, and hell,” Fashionably Male reported.

The same line included a shirt that read, “Gvasalia For Vetements” the blog outlined:

But it’s the “Gvasalia for Vetements” one — done up in the style of U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders campaign posters — that’ll probably break the internet, given the reaction to the American senator’s inauguration mittens.

The [..] slogan is something of an inside joke at Vetements’ Zurich headquarters since its chief executive officer and cofounder Guram Gvasalia recently landed on the cover of Forbes Georgia with a headline alluding to a purely theoretical run for office in his home country that the executive lobbed in the interview inside.

Some Twitter users gave positive reactions to the T-shirt:

“It’s a good point because critical thinking is becoming extinct,” one user wrote.

“Because a smart educated mind is a threat to the establishment,” another wrote.

“Refreshing to see independent thinking!” wrote another user.

“Why is Google and Twitter suppressing the crap out of this statement?” Another asked.

Rihanna also made headlines earlier this month after visiting female rapper Nicki Minaj following her outspoken reaction to journalists threatening her family in Trinidad.

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