Rob Reiner: If Dems Don’t Take Out Trump ‘We’ll Lose Our Democracy and Earth’

Rob Reiner: If Dems Don’t Take Out Trump ‘We’ll Lose Our Democracy and Earth’

Liberal director explodes during interview on MSNBC

Leftist actor and director Rob Reiner sounded the alarm on Monday on MSNBC’s “All In” warning that America will lose its Democracy to President Donald Trump‘s ‘authoritarianism’ if the Democratic presidential nominee fails to beat him.

Reiner also warned due to inaction on global warming; the earth would become uninhabitable.

While the director expressed support for former Vice President Joe Biden, he said:

“I was a Joe Biden supporter for a year. And my position always was if Joe Biden I knew there was going to be a lot of candidates.”

“I knew who all, you know, Elizabeth Warren, I knew Bernie was coming back, Cory Booker and all that,” Reiner added.

“I said, if he can somehow make it through the Democratic primary process, he’s by far the best candidate to beat Donald Trump — first of all, to unite the party, to beat Donald Trump, to hold onto the Congress, to get the Senate, and to be able to govern and to be able to bring back the world to America’s side,” he continued

On the subject of Trump’s 2016 victory, Reiner added:

“We know what he is now. We might not have known then. We know what he is now.”

“He’s a liar. He’s self-involved. He doesn’t understand how public policy works,” he stated.

He continued:

“This is very important. We are looking at two existential crises; democracy and the world, the earth.”

“If we don’t take this presidency away, we’re going to lose democracy, and we’re going to lose our ability to live on the earth,” Reiner warned.

“And I want to just remind people, Bush/Gore. And people who are friends of mine said ‘I’m going to vote for Ralph Nader, there’s no difference between the candidates,’” he said.

“Please, that’s a 20-year start on climate change, and we don’t go into Iraq. I’m just saying. You have to unify behind whoever.”

Last year, Reiner falsely claimed Trump was working with “a foreign country” to “steal the last election” and was plotting with Russia to do the same in 2020.

Reiner added that Trump “commits crimes on a daily basis,” but unsurprisingly failed to present any evidence for his allegations.

Reiner made the accusations in one of his trademark anti-Trump Twitter rants, in which he warns that America’s Founding Fathers “never anticipated” a president like Donald Trump.

“Our founding fathers never anticipated what we’re facing,” the Princess Bride director said.

Last month, Reiner also incited violence against the president by urging Democrats to “punch” him in the nose.

The director branded Trump as ‘schoolyard bully’ and ‘liar.’

The liberal director has been frequent in his anti-Trump tirades on Twitter and usually makes wild claims without backing it up with any evidence.

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