Rod Rosenstein to Quit Justice Department When William Barr Confirmed as New AG

Rod Rosenstein to Quit Justice Department When William Barr Confirmed as New AG

Donald Trump’s Attorney General nominee could be confirmed by February.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is set to leave the Justice Department once President Donald Trump’s nominee, William Barr, is confirmed as Attorney General, reports revealed on Wednesday.

Last year, a former FBI lawyer testified Rosenstein would “wear a wire” during meetings with Donald Trump.

Rosenstein dismissed the accusations saying the ‘wire’ comment was a joke.

But despite these revelations, there is no indication that he is being forced out by the President, according to ABC.

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Special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of Russia’s alleged ‘influence’ on the 2016 election was overseen by Rosenstein, who heavily criticized by Trump over the probe.

In October last year, we reported that Rosenstein had ‘verbally resigned,’ but nothing was confirmed.

Rosenstein allegedly made secret plans to remove President Trump by using the constitutional amendment and attempted to recruit Cabinet members.

The Attorney general was appointed Mueller as special counsel following Jeff Session’s recusal from overseeing the investigation.

Barr’s Senate confirmation hearing will start on January 15, meaning a confirmation vote would take place mid-February.

Once confirmed, Barr would oversee Mueller’s investigation.

Last year, conflicting reports suggested that Rosenstein was heading to the White House to be fired, but it ended up being a routine Cabinet meeting.

Evidence emerged last year that Rosenstein ordered the Michael Cohen case to be transferred to New York in a bid to protect the witch hunt against the president should Trump have the Mueller investigation shut down.

Rosenstein gave the order to turn over the Cohen case to attorneys in the Southern District of New York.

The 4th FISA court request to spy on President Trump was signed by Rosenstein, despite knowing it was based on the Fusion-GPS dossier, a Democrat-funded research project that was never verified.

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