Roger Stone: Mueller Intent on ‘Removing Donald Trump’ From The White House

Roger Stone: Mueller Intent on ‘Removing Donald Trump’ From The White House

‘His target is undoing the results of the last election and removing this president’

Republican adviser and former consultant to Donald Trump, Rogers Stone, claimed that special counsel Robert Mueller goal is to remove the President from the White House. 

Following the two court filings on Michael Cohen Stone criticized former the Trumps’ former personal attorney saying “single dumbest f–k” he’d ever met and “dumb as a box of rocks.”

Stone commented on the recent Mueller Filings

“His target is undoing the results of the last election and removing this president,” Stone told the Washington Examiner.

When asked if he thinks Trump is being forced out the White House, Stone replied, “Well, certainly not on the basis of Russian collusion because I believe there is none.”

Cohen gave 70 hours of testimony in the Robert Mueller’s Russia collusion investigation.

“Don’t you think he’s being used by his new attorney and by the Clintonistas as a bludgeon to attack Donald Trump? I mean, first of all, let me say on the record, he’s the single dumbest f–k I’ve ever met in my entire life. I mean, he’s as dumb as a box of rocks,” Stone said.

Stone told the Washington Examiner after his speech at the American Priority Conference on Thursday.

“I still don’t think he has any evidence of wrongdoing by the president. He wasn’t involved in the campaign. He wasn’t involved in the White House. I mean, I think at this point he’s composing,” he added.

“He’s flipping because he’s angry that the Trump family has not helped him with his enormous legal expenses, but he hired a law firm and he paid them $5 million to read all of his emails and review what they meant,” Stone added

“I mean, I have 1 million emails too, but I’m not paying anybody $5 million to read them.”

“Nunberg has a very hard time distinguishing between this [pointing to his behind] and this [pointing to his elbow]. He knows nothing. He enjoys his notoriety, but he knows nothing,” Stone said on Thursday.

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“It’s going to be an entire waste of their time. He knows nothing, nothing. There are no communications with WikiLeaks. I received no documents from WikiLeaks. Sam Nunberg cannot honestly say otherwise because he knows better. I think he knows better.”

“He’s [Steve] Bannon’s boy — maybe they should ask him about Cambridge Analytica and what those guys were doing.”

Prosecutors advised that Cohen Cohen receive a “substantial” prison sentence, the memo indicates.

They also decreased his cooperation with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, declaring it “overstated.”

Cohen pleaded guilty to several counts of business and tax fraud.

He also pleaded guilty to ‘excessive campaign contribution’ along with false statements given to Congress regarding a Trump real estate project in Moscow about the Russia, probe.

In Manafort’s court filing, Sanders maintained that it said “absolutely nothing about the President.”

“It says even less about collusion and is devoted almost entirely to lobbying-related issues,” she continued.

“Once again the media is trying to create a story where there isn’t one.”

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