Romney Moves to Block Biden Probe as Reports Tie Him to Hunter’s Ukraine Company

Romney Moves to Block Biden Probe as Reports Tie Him to Hunter’s Ukraine Company

Anti-Trump Republican senator suggests he’ll stop Biden-related subpoenas

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) has suggested that he may move to block subpoenas related to the Bidens while reports indicate the anti-Trump Republican has ties to Hunter Biden’s Ukraine company.

Romney faced the scorn of President Donald Trump and fellow Republicans over his vote last month to convict at the Senate impeachment trial.

Now, the Utah senator is publicly questioning the motivation behind a Republican effort to issue a subpoena related to Hunter Biden and his dealings with notoriously corrupt Ukrainian energy firm Burisma Holdings.

Sen. Romney told reporters he believes the probe “appears political.”

“I would prefer that investigations are done by an independent, non-political body,” Romney told the Washington Post. 

“There’s no question the appearance is not good.”

Republicans are gearing up for a vote next week in the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee that would approve a subpoena aimed at gathering information related to a former Ukrainian diplomat with ties to the consulting firm Blue Star Strategies, Reuters reported.

The allegation is that the company used Hunter Biden for access to the State Department as his father was vice president at the time.

The Bidens have denied any wrongdoing.

Republicans maintain an 8-to-6 majority in the committee, and if Romney sides with Democrats the result would be a 7-7 tie, making his vote pivotal. 

“There’s no question but that the appearance of looking into Burisma and Hunter Biden appears political,” Romney said.

“And I think people are tired of these kinds of political investigations.”

The committee has been pursuing its investigation into the Bidens since at least November. The vote is expected next Wednesday.

“Joe Biden has never adequately answered these questions,” Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) told “The Story with Martha McCallum” this week.

“I’ve said repeatedly, if there’s wrongdoing the American people need to understand that. If there is no wrongdoing, or if it’s not significant, the American people need to understand that,” the chairman of the committee said.

Trump told Fox News that Joe Biden was “damaged” by the impeachment process that implicated his son Hunter in apparent overseas corruption while Biden was vice president.

“They aimed at Trump and they took Biden down,” the president said.

What Romney failed to mention is that he has ties to Burisma himself while Hunter Biden was on the board.

Way back in 2011 a top adviser to Mitt Romney, Joseph Cofer Black, joined Burisma’s board of directors while Hunter Biden was serving on Burisma’s board.

According to The New Yorker, Hunter joined Burisma’s board in April of 2014 and remained on it until he declined to renew his position this past May.

Meanwhile, according to Burisma’s website, Black was appointed in February of 2017 and continues to serve on its board.

The timelines would indicate that Black and Biden worked together at Burisma, and indeed, web archives from late 2017 show Black and Biden listed simultaneously on the board.

This means that in the fall leading up to the 2012 presidential election, Romney’s foreign policy advisor ended up on the board of Burisma working with the current vice president’s son.

No wonder he doesn’t want an investigation into Burisma.

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