Rosie O’Donnell: Most Trump Supporters Are ‘Paid Actors’

Rosie O’Donnell: Most Trump Supporters Are ‘Paid Actors’

Liberal actor claims those who support the president only do so because they’re paid

Liberal actor Rosie O’Donnell has slammed Donald Trump’s supporters claiming that they only back the president because they’re “paid actors.”

During a live TV interview on Monday, O’Donnell claimed that the only people that support President Trump at his rallies are people that he pays to attend.

Whilst speaking on CNN, the American “activist” attempted to debunk the host’s suggestion that “tens of thousands” of supporters attend Trump’s rallies.

After CNN anchor Chris Cuomo confirmed that he has witnessed Trump pull huge crowds of loyal supporters, O’Donnell upped the ante with an unhinged attack, that reeked of desperation, claiming they are all paid to attend.

Cuomo then blasted O’Donnell’s claims as BS, saying he wouldn’t agree with her just “because it’s satisfying.”


Shortly before the interview, Rosie O’Donnell hosted her own anti-Trump protest outside the White House in which around 100 people attended…

No wonder she had the idea of “paying supporters” on her mind…

“People are paid, Chris,” she argued.

“We know that.

“People were paid since he went down on the escalator.

“He pays people to show up at those rallies.” 

“But I don’t know that that’s why he gets tens of thousands at the rallies,” Cuomo asserted.

“I think he captures a lot of emotion for people.”

O’Donnell attempted to argue that Trump does not get “tens of thousands” of people to show up to his rallies, another claim Cuomo sought to debunk.

“Rosie, I’ve seen them.

“He gets big groups of people to come out.

“He gives themes that resonate,” Cuomo said.

[embedded content]

“But Chris, are people paid?” O’Donnell asked again. 

“I don’t know, I don’t have the facts that his crowds are bought off.

“I don’t have that,” Cuomo repeated.

“I’m not going to say, ‘they’re all bought off, they’re all fake,’ because I think that’s b.s., I don’t think it’s true.

“I’m not going to play to it just because it’s satisfying.”

After Cuomo refused to join in the Trump-bashing, O’Donnell then attempted to get him on-side by pointing out that the president often calls CNN “fake news.”

O’Donnell’s attempts at pushing propaganda whilst on national TV appeared to fail, epically.

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