Rudy Giuliani: Trump Team ‘Not Finished’ After Supreme Court Defeat

Rudy Giuliani: Trump Team ‘Not Finished’ After Supreme Court Defeat

President’s lawyer vows to continue fighting after SCOTUS dismissed Texas lawsuit

President Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani has vowed to keep fighting after the Supreme Court rejected the Texas lawsuit on Friday.

Giuliani warned that, despite the setback, Trump’s legal team is “not finished” battling for election integrity.

Speaking during an interview on Newsmax TV’s “Stinchfield” Friday, Giuliani assured the public that the president’s legal team will continue filing lawsuits.

His comments came after the Supreme Court dismissed a lawsuit by Texas, which was backed by 17 other states and 126 House Republicans, to overturn the election results in four swing states.

“The case wasn’t rejected on the merits, the case was rejected on standing,” Giuliani said.

“So the answer to that is to bring the case now to the district court by the president, by some of the electors, alleging some of the same facts where there would be standing and therefore get a hearing.”

“Mr. Mayor, I know you talked to the president just after this ruling came down,” Host Grant Stinchfield said.

“What’s his reaction, and how’s he doing through all this?”

Giuliani responding, saying: “The president’s reaction is to look at other options.

“I mean, we always knew that this was an option, that we would have to convert this into — in fact, originally, we thought about this as possibly four or five separate cases.

“So that is the option we are going to have to go to,” Giuliani continued.


“There’s nothing that prevents us from filing these cases immediately in the district court in which the president, of course, would have standing, some of the electors would have standing in that their constitutional rights have been violated,” Giuliani added.

“We’re not finished. Believe me,” the former New York City mayor asserted.

Shortly before midnight on Friday, President Trump reacted to the Supreme Court’s decision to reject the Texas Lawsuit against four battleground states.

Taking to Twitter, Trump said, “The Supreme Court really let us down.”

“No Wisdom, No Courage!” the president added.

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