Russian Agent: UK Novichok Attack Connected to Trump Dossier Author

Russian Agent: UK Novichok Attack Connected to Trump Dossier Author

Former KGB claims Salisbury poisoning suspect sent to kill Trump enemy Christopher Steele

One of the suspects wanted in connection to the novichok attack in Salisbury, UK, was sent to kill the author of the infamous Trump/Russia dossier Christopher Steele, according to a former Russian spy.

A year before the Skripal poisoning attack, suspect Alexander Petrov is believed to have visited the UK to try to assassinate the ex-British spy who compiled the now-infamous phony dossier on President Trump, former Russian agent Boris Karpichkov has claimed.

The former MI6 Russia Desk head, 54-year-old Christopher Steele, was hired using funds from Hillary Clinton’s Democrats, to produce a report falsely linking Trump to Russia and allege meddling in the 2016 presidential election to help him win.

The report claimed that Trump colluded with the Russian state to discredit Clinton and interfere in the election process.

According to Express, it even alleged that Russia might be able to blackmail Trump as its secret services had compromising video footage of him involved in sex acts with prostitutes.

The unverified claims have been strenuously denied by Trump.

Putin wanted British spy Christopher Steele dead

However, Karpichkov said an insider had told him that Russian president Vladimir Putin was so enraged by the dossier he wanted Mr. Steele dead.

Salisbury suspect Petrov is believed to have visited London between February 28 and March 5, 2017.

Mr. Karpichkov said in a statement:

“On Thursday I was contacted by one of my sources who sent a message saying he understood Petrov came here, with others, to kill Christopher Steele – but for unknown reasons, it never went ahead.”

It is not known if Steele, who spends time in the US, was in the UK then.

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