Sadiq Khan: UK Will ‘Regret Giving a State Visit to Donald Trump’

Sadiq Khan: UK Will ‘Regret Giving a State Visit to Donald Trump’

London Mayor continues his tirade against president amid state visit

London Mayor Sadiq Khan weighed in on his opposition to President Donald Trump‘s visit to the UK saying Britain would probably ‘regret’ it, according to reports. 

Khan, who Trump branded yesterday as a ‘stone cold loser,’ accused the president of ‘amplifying racists’ on Twitter.

“Surely the UK should be saying to Trump ‘listen, you’re a poster boy for the far right movement around the world’,” Khan told Sky News.

He added Britain should be telling Trump he “made a mistake from walking away from the Paris Climate Change agreement.”

When Khan was asked why he wasn’t at the state banquet and why he continued to criticize Trump on his state visit, he replied:

“there should be a state banquet, and there shouldn’t be a rolling out of the red carpet, that’s an honor bestowed on very few presidents.”

The London mayor was then immediately corrected by the interviewer who reminded that Bill Clinton, George Bush, and Barack Obama all enjoyed state visits.

“I can’t be silent when the president of the free world is defending neo-nazis and white supremacists,” Khan said.

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“I think in years to come we’re going to regret giving this state visit to Donald Trump,” The mayor concluded.

Yesterday, Khan accused Brexit party leader Nigel Farage and national populist leaders like Hungary’s Viktor Orbán and Italy’s Matteo Salvini of imitating “20th-century fascists”.

Khan accused Trump of using “xenophobia, racism and ‘otherness’ as an electoral tactic.”

He then compared the president’s actions to “the actions of European dictators of the 1930s and 40s… the military juntas of the 1970s and 80s… Vladimir Putin or Kim Jong-un,” in his article in the Observer.

Trump said Khan’s attempt at leading London was “terrible,’ before saying he has been foolish and “stone-cold loser,” and was much like the “very dumb and incompetent” New York Mayor de Blasio.

Trump stated Khan’s campaign to sour the relationship with the U.S had been for nothing.

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