Salvini Backs Yellow Vests, Denounces Macron: ‘President Against His People’

Salvini Backs Yellow Vests, Denounces Macron: ‘President Against His People’

Italian deputy prime minister attacks French President over protests

Italy’s Matteo Salvini, along with his coalition partner, have pledged their full support of France’s Yellow Vest movement while attacking President Emmanuel Macron for being a ‘President against his people.’

The leader of the Northern League said, although he supports the Yellow Vests, he “firmly” condemns violence within the protests.

“I support honest citizens who protest against a governing president [who is] against his people,” said the Italian deputy prime minister.

Luigi Di Maio, Vice-President of the Council of Ministers of Italy and the leader of the Five-Star Movement (M5S), advised the demonstrators on his party’s blog “not to weaken.”

Di Maio said France and Italy’s politics “has become deaf to the needs of citizens who have been kept out of the most important decisions affecting the people.”

Macron and Salvini do however have a noted rivalry and history of public name-calling.

Salvini recently mocked the French president as a “lab mouse elected to keep the elitist political system in place.”

The pair often argued over globalism and mass immigration during the Mediterranean migrant crisis.

Salvini called Macron and “international embarrassment” last October after police were caught dumping migrants off in an Italian forest near the country’s border.

Even French police forces are being urged by union bosses to down their batons and shields in solidarity with the Yellow Vests, triggering a new wave of “Blue Vest” protests against President Macron’s globalist government.

The uprising of law enforcement could lead to civil war in France should the police go head-to-head with the government.

Police unions have warned of a “black day for the police” that will come in the form of “Blue Vest” protests against the liberal French president’s administration.

Almost 50,000 French citizens took to the streets in protest across France over the weekend following President Emanuel Macron’s recent warnings to take a “hard line” against Yellow Vest protesters.

Macron’s resolution to take a “tough stance” towards the demands of his people seriously backfired.

Tens of thousands of yellow-vested demonstrators paraded across cities throughout France, including Paris, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Rennes, and Marseille.

Although the protests were organized to pick up again after the holidays, with many referring to the series of January marches like the “Yellow Winter,” tensions have been raised after Macron lashed out at the Yellow Vests, calling them a “hateful mob” of “racists.”

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