Salvini Warns Europe Will Become ‘Islamic State’ if Populists Don’t Rise Up

Salvini Warns Europe Will Become ‘Islamic State’ if Populists Don’t Rise Up

Italian Interior Minister calls for breakthrough in European elections

Italian populist leader and Interior Minister Matteo Salvini has called on populist parties to rise up and make a breakthrough in next week’s European elections, or some nations could become Islamic states.

Salvini announced that a rally including representatives from various populist parties, including French National leader Marine Le Pen, would take place in Milan next week.

Salvini emphasized points on immigration over the weekend following a meeting in Albenga and stressed the importance of a populist election victory, according to Il Giornale.

“Either we save Europe now, or we leave our children with an Islamic state based on fear and precariousness.

And I want a generation that is free and proud,” Salvini said.

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Il Giornale reports that up to one hundred thousand people could attend the event.

Salvini has notably built strong alliances with other sovereigntist leaders in central and eastern Europe, inclduing Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

Orbándeclared in March that there is no place for multiculturalism in Hungary.

Orbán praised Salvini calling him “the most important person in Europe.”

Following the meeting, Salvini said, “I proposed to the leader of PiS Jarosław Kaczyński, and I intend to propose it to others, a pact for Europe… in which Italians, Poles, Spaniards, Danes, and others can decide whether to agree or not. We will work before the elections.”

“The goal is that with the next European elections to the European Parliament the Sovranisti [the ‘sovereigntists’] will be the number one political movement and become a fundamental part of the next Parliament,” he added.

Salvini recently pledged support of France’s Yellow Vest movement while attacking President Emmanuel Macron for being a ‘President against his people.

‘The leader of the Northern League said, although he supports the Yellow Vests, he “firmly” condemns violence within the protests.

Salvini last month outlined plans to tackle Islamist extremism, including a move to increase police observation of Islamic cultural centers.

Italian Interior Minister Salvini outlined proposals for security services to do more to protect citizens from the heightened risk of attack.

The move comes in the wake of the Sri Lanka bombings on Easter Sunday that left hundreds of Christian worshippers dead and many more injured.

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