Schiff’s GOP Challenger Accuses Him of Failing to Tackle California’s Homeless Crisis

Schiff’s GOP Challenger Accuses Him of Failing to Tackle California’s Homeless Crisis

Eric Early says House Intelligence Committee Chairman has done ‘virtually nothing’

Rep. Adam Schiff‘s Republican challenger, Eric Early, accused him on Friday of failing to combat California’s ever-increasing homelessness crisis.

Early, who announced his candidacy to represent California’s 28th Congressional District last year, said the House Intelligence Committee Chairman had done “virtually nothing” to tackle the problem.

“He’s done nothing, or virtually nothing, for our district,” said Early.

“Certainly not a darn thing for homelessness.”

“It’s a mess out here, it’s terrible,” he added.

Early made the comments while meeting with homeless people in Echo Park and Hollywood and listening to their stories about their situations.

“These attacks from Eric Early, who is from out of the district and knows little of our community, are characteristic of someone who once described himself as Trump’s biggest supporter in California,” the Schiff campaign said.

“They may please Trump, but do not impress our constituents.”

Schiff recently led the impeachment trial against President Donald Trump until he was acquitted earlier this month.

“We need somebody strong enough to fight and say we are going to forcibly move these people off the streets if they don’t come voluntarily,” Early said.

“That may not look quote-unquote compassionate, but I believe it’s much more compassionate than leaving these folks out here to die.”

Last December, Neon Nettle reported the Department of Housing and Urban Development revealed that the increase in homelessness in California in 2019 was higher than all other states combined.

Homelessness in the U.S. increased by 2.7% in the last year with California as the driving force.

But despite the Golden State increase, the majority of other states saw homelessness decreasing.

In September, President Trump noted that California’s Democrats are seemingly unable to deal with California’s homelessness epidemic and has ordered White House officials to address the issue.

According to the Washington Post:

“Top officials representing the White House and the Department of Housing and Urban Development arrived in California this week for a round of meetings.”

“A particular focus has been the ‘Skid Row’ section of Los Angeles, officials said. The president is directly involved with the initiative, the official said, and has asked for updates. Officials representing the Justice Department were also part of the tour, according to two government officials.”

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