Since October, 61,000 Unaccompanied Illegal Alien Children Have Entered The US

Since October, 61,000 Unaccompanied Illegal Alien Children Have Entered The US

The flood of solitary children has surpassed previous years

Over 61,000 unaccompanied illegal immigrant children have entered the United States since October, according to reports.

The flood of solitary children has surpassed previous years, according to The Washington examiner.

49,100 cross into the US in the 2018 fiscal year.

But the current fiscal year tops this number and still has two months remaining before the final figure, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) reports.

“The number of unaccompanied children) illegally entering the United States has exploded o levels we have never before seen,” Jonathan Hayes, director of the Office of Refugee Resettlement at DHS said.

According to The Daily Caller: No fewer than 11,000 UACs were in custody with HHS in any month throughout the 2019 fiscal year, and a maximum of 14,000 was held in December.

Despite these numbers, there is no evidence of overcrowding, as the government body has had a surplus of beds for each month from October to June, the HHS report details.

The average stay in an HHS facility is declining.

The month of November had a reported high of over three months of average stay, while the months of April to June showed average visits at approximately a month and a half.

The time spent in a facility may be dropping, but the cost of these migrants is soaring.

$230 million has already been spent on everything from toiletries to snacks, the Examiner reports.

The border crisis has taken center stage in the political theater recently with talks of unfair treatment and “concentration camp” conditions.

However, testament from Brian S. Hastings, chief of Customs and Border Protection law enforcement operations, seems to contradict these schools of thought.

Facilities are equipped with, “shower trailers, chemical toilets and sinks, laundry trailers, sleeping mats, personal property storage boxes, lockers, power, kitchen equipment, food/snacks/water, clothing, and hygiene kits,” he said, according to the Examiner.

He adds there has never been a shortage of these items.

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